Playtech Re-Launches Its Live Spin a Win

Live Spin a Win by Playtech

Playtech is definitely one of those highly prominent live dealer casino software providers offering plenty of exciting live dealer games to all players who enjoy bringing those land-based casino vibes to your home. One of the most popular Playtech’s live dealer games Live Spin a Win was recently re-launched aimed to all live casino players who like those wheel of fortune games that offer fast-paced, gaming actions with awesome payouts and a truly memorable online gaming experience.

New Live Spin a Win Release After that Fiasco with the Original Game

The original version of the game was introduced to the live dealer casinos at the beginning of 2018, but this Live Spin a Win version was almost immediately taken down due to complaints from the players who claimed that the game is not so live at all. The reality is that this original Playtech’s Live Spin a Win game was in fact run by some random number generator engine and there was almost no live dealer gaming technology involved at all. The company behind the game then decide to pull the game. Several months later, Playtech decided to re-launch the game, but this time Live Spin a Win is actually a live dealer game using live dealer games technology with no RNG technology incorporated. Playtech also added a new Live Spin a Win wheel making everything look more fresh and colorful as it was meant to be with the original game. The difference, in fact, is massive. This wheel of fortune-alike games comes with awesome payouts. This is, in fact, one of the simplest games where players simply bets on which numbers wheels spun by human dealers will stop.

Live Spin a Win comes with a wheel looking like Roulette wheels, but this wheel is placed vertically, not horizontally. Moreover, it comes with fewer numbers, but with a greater number of segments. Just as when playing roulette, you can wager on many numbers you like. There are six numbers and every number comes with a different payout value. This Playtech’s Live Spin a Win release also comes with two multipliers which increase your payouts. There are 2x and 7x multipliers that can definitely turn decent payouts into something much bigger in a single spin. As already mentioned, you can place your bets either on multiple or individual numbers. Side bets are also involved which you can place on their own or alongside other, main bets. This version of Live Spin a Win is definitely better than the original game with greatly smoother wheel actions and better visuals. Considering what it has to offer, this game will definitely enjoy a massive success.

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