Sugar Pop

Every once in a while, software developers for online casino sites create a video slot game that does not resemble any known game. The Sugar Pop video slot, developed by Betsoft, is one of those video slot games. For those players who are looking for something different, this video slot is a perfect choice and they can find this video slot at every Betsoft online casino site.

At the first sight, the Sugar Pop video slot does not look like a slot game but rather like a popular mobile game Bejeweled. This fact might create certain confusion among the players but it soon becomes very clear what the main objective of this video slot is. Players will have to combine different types of candies and once they create winning combinations, those candies will pop while players will be receiving payouts.

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Sugar Pop Slot Gameplay and Features: Taking a Completely Different Approach to Video Slots

Even though this is a relatively different video slot game, this game has some aspects that appear in every video slot. Before the start of this video slot, players will have to regulate the size of their bets that they will be using while playing this game. In order to that, they will have to use the ‘Choose Coin’ option. With this option, they will have the opportunity to choose the denomination of the coins that they will be betting in the game while the ‘Bet Amount’ option will provide them with the selection of how many coins they will be betting.

In order to start the game and to spin the reels, players will have to click on the green circular arrows that are located in the middle of the screen. This video slot also provides players with the opportunity to use some other options. One such option is the ‘Max Bet’ that will provide players with the opportunity to bet the maximum amount of money that is allowed for this video slot. Besides the ‘Max Bet’ option players also have the opportunity to use the ‘Auto Play’ option in order to spin the reels for certain period of time. The duration of the ‘Auto Play’ option will depend on the number of spins that players choose before they activate this option.

The Sugar Pop video slot is a unique video slot in the market. Once players start the game, different types of candies will fall into places on the reels completely randomly. In order to create winning combinations, players will have to get at least three matching candies that will pop while other candies will fall from above and replace those that popped. Because of that, players have the opportunity for several consecutive wins. While playing this game, players will also encounter special candies that will improve the chances players have of winning big amounts of money.

Sugar Pop Audio and Video: Establishing a Completely New Rules for Video Slots

The Sugar Pop video slot is unique in almost all aspects of the video slot game. The design, graphics, and animation used in this video slot are not the exception from that rule. The design of this video slot features a lot of different colors which creates a positive and cheerful atmosphere in the game. Even though in the beginning, not that many players played this video slot, today, the situation is much different.

The sound effects used in this video slot are also used for the purpose of creating a positive and cheerful atmosphere that all players have the opportunity to enjoy in. Those sound effects have also enabled players to stay focused on the game and what their next move should be in the game.

Conclusion: Experiencing a New Way of Playing Video Slot Games

The Sugar Pop video slot is like no other video slot in the entire industry. Many players did not think that it is a slot game at all because it does not resemble classic video slot at all. Despite that, this video slot managed to provide players with great opportunities and different features that players can use in order to improve their chances of winning big amounts of money.

The design and the graphics used in this video slot make Sugar Pop one of the most interesting video slots in the market. All those features, as well as the general design of this slot game, have attracted a huge number of players from all over the world.