Test Your Football Knowledge with Playtech’s Live Football Trivia Quiz

Playtech Football Trivia Quiz

As the World Cup has just begun, one of the most prominent online casino software developers, Playtech decided to surprise all football fans with their newly launched Football Trivia Quiz which is free to roll live quiz offering amazing winning chances every single day. If you decide to test your football knowledge with this Playtech’s Football Trivia Quiz, you have an amazing opportunity to win up to £1000 every single day.

If you are interested in the Football Trivia Quiz, all you need to do is to find a Playtech-powered online casino venue, head there at 9 pm GMT and find the Live Blackjack Lobby. From there, you can enter the Football Trivia Quiz. As expected, the Football Trivia Quiz will be running for the duration of the World Cup, so there is plenty of time left for you to grab your prizes. The quiz has already been running for several nights attracting a massive number of football players.

How to Play Football Trivia Quiz

The rules of the Football Trivia Quiz are very simple. In order to enter the quiz, you just have to open the game and put your football knowledge on this ultimate test answering your first question correctly at exactly 9 pm GMT. There are twelve questions in total. You will be given twelve questions with three possible answers you need to answer within ten seconds. If you fail to provide a correct answer, you are eliminated. However, you will be able to stick around and watch other players answering their Football Trivia Quiz answers. Those players who manage to answer all questions correctly get to grab their prize of that £1000 prize pool which is the same every day of the World Cup.

The Playtech’s Football Trivia Quiz is very much different from other similar games as it is completely free to enter, meaning there is no deposit required in order to sign up and enjoy. As soon as you grab your spot at the Football Trivia Quiz, you will see a live presenter who will explain you the Football Trivia Quiz rules. You will see your questions displayed on the screen alongside the timer. There is also the chat facility which is open to every participant, meaning if you fail and get eliminated, you can still participate in the conversation. The Football Trivia Quiz is definitely one of those hot things going on at the moment. If you are a football fan, make sure you check your knowledge on the Football Trivia Quiz. Head to a Playtech-powered venue and find your spot as those generous prizes are waiting.

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