NetEnt’s Latest Release Archangels: Salvation Brings a New Dose of Excitement

NetEnt Archangels: Salvation video slot

Over the years, we have heard some many stories on that final battle between evil and good, so NetEnt decided to acknowledge those stories by introducing their extremely thrilling Archangels: Salvation video slot boasting 6 reels, 100 paylines and plenty of winning opportunities accessible across all devices. In this epic NetEnt’s release, you get to witness good taking ruthlessly on evil as you also enjoy plenty of Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, and much more as soon as you hop on this extraordinary virtual adventure.

With the Archangels: Salvation game, players have an amazing opportunity to take off to iconic Asgard which is one of those Norse Mythology realms as well as home to those famous Norse Gods including Thor, Frigg, Odin, Tyr, and Baldr. This fantasy-themed game boasts all those elements you definitely want to see in an online slot from impressive graphics and awesome design to great bonus features and cash rewards.

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Archangels: Salvation Representing a Stunning, Fantasy World of Norse Legends and Myths

As you hop on this virtual journey, you get to join those Norse archangels on their ultimate quest of defeating evil once and for all. As soon as you start playing Archangels: Salvation video slot, prepare for some ultimate good versus evil battles with heaven and hell depicted as well. You will notice the archangel standing on the left side of the reels while there is the devil himself standing on the left side of the reels. Despite the fact there will be some epic good versus evil battles, the game can definitely bring you a salvation thanks to the awesome bonus features you get to take advantage of.

The game is also packed with stunning 3D animations, an amazing, euphoric soundtrack following you on this journey and much more nicely incorporated into this highly innovative video slot game which will most certainly keep you captivated for hours without any sight of boredom coming your way. As you prepare for this eternal battle between good and evil, you will come across symbols which are related to the theme such as Demons and Angels, hearts, spades, lions, skulls, helmets, hoods and other that bring great cash rewards once you land matching symbols on the reels. Besides being very appealing to look at, the Archangels: Salvation video slot is also highly rewarding thanks to its bonus features that once you trigger them bring awesome prizes your way.

Eternal Battle between Good and Evil Packed with Awesome Winning Opportunities and Rewarding Bonus Feature

During the gameplay, you will witness angels taking on demons. You will also notice that the game is packed with the 2×2 Wild symbols and Hot Spot areas that trigger the game’s bonus feature. The highest paying symbols in the game are Demons and Angles worth up to 150 coins you get for landing five matching symbols on your active payline. As already mentioned, there are 2×2 Wild symbols which can replace regular symbols on the reels bringing more winning combos your way. There are also two Hot Spot areas. The first one comes with the top two rows while the second one consists of the two bottom rows. Each of these two areas can activate its own Wild Bonus feature once you land those 2×2 Wild symbols. Once you get there, you trigger the extremely rewarding Heaven Bonus feature.

If you land those 2×2 Wild symbols partially during this mode, two stacks of Wild symbols are added to the reels. On the other hand, if you land the 2×2 Wild symbols fully, four stacks of Wild symbols are added to the reels which often results in massive winning combos. The game also features another interesting bonus mode, the Hell Bonus feature triggered as soon as you land the 2×2 Wild symbols both partially or fully in that top bottom Hot Spot area. During this mode, this Hell Area adds Wild Symbols to the reels. Landing the 2×2 Wild symbols partially to this area gets you 8 new Wild symbols while landing the 2×2 Wild symbols fully gets you 16 new Wild symbols added to the reels. The Archangels: Salvation video slot also comes with the Free Spins bonus mode you trigger as soon as you land three or more of the Scatter symbols on the reels. Depending on your number of Free Spins, you may get 10, 15, 20 or 25 Free Spins. Now as you know all the details, make sure you try this epic NetEnt’s release Archangels: Salvation, choose your side and enjoy some fast-paced spinning actions packed with awesome bonus features and winning opportunities.

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