Playtech Introduces New Fraud Detection Tools

Online Casino Fraud Detection

One of the most prominent names in the industry, Playtech recently has integrated new fraud detection tools thanks to data analytics specialist Featurespace into its IMS Information Management System. This newly integrated machine-learning tool carefully monitors player behavior in order to create predictive models. By creating these predictive models, this toll helps flag every unusual activity and allows licensees using the Information Management System platform in order to instantly identify any fraudulent activity.

Taking New Steps to Prevent Fraudulent Activities

Since the very early days of the gambling industry, players have been trying to make some moves in order to outsmart the system. Then, with the introduction of online casino venues and thanks to advancements in technology, a whole another level of online games has opened to players around the globe. This resulted in moving the epicenter of the main battles against fraudulent activities from the land-based space to the online territory.

This is the main reason, why world’s best software developers put a great effort in developing machine learning fraud detection tools into their already integrated systems and the most recent example of this work is Playtech’s partnership with Featurespace that opened doors to more secure and safer online gaming experience.

One of the main reasons for software developers introducing new and better fraud detection tools is to prevent bonus abuse and collusive play. Playtech is definitely one of the leading software development companies with hundreds of different games available at every major online casino venue. Therefore, the company decided to get involve with Featurespace by integrating technology solution into their already established player management system.

Alongside this very powerful tool, Playtech’s impressive IMS Information Management System will allow a better level of both business partners and players protection. In addition, all Playtech licensees will be able to easily face any fraud-related challenged with much better outcomes while enjoying the benefits from this latest integration Featurespace project.

Featurespace’s Machine Learning Fraud Detection Platform

The amazing solution powered by Featurespace is greatly adaptive and real-time change fraud detection platform ARIC that automatically evaluates any risks of fraudulent activities based on individual’s behavior. By this move, Playtech proved once again their commitment to promoting empowering licensees and safe play with this great advancement customer engagement and player protection. Playtech has already completed the Featurespace integration machine learning fraudulent activities detection tools into IMS enabling licenses to instantly reduce and identify frauds. However, Playtech signed this strategic partnership with Featurespace several months back with the deal of further enhancing their Information Management System as their main player management platform.

Playtech’s strategy also includes several more third-party agreements like that with Captain’s Up gamification engine and several other yet to be announced. Featurespace was the best way to go as their real-time, adaptive individual behavior change platform perfectly understands every player’s individual behavior, so it can easily and automatically evaluate fraudulent activity risks. By carefully monitoring player behavior, this platform instantly identifies new fraud attacks.

Moreover, the ARIC at the same time reduces the number of incorrectly sanctioned customers that result in greatly reducing that poor player experience. This important Playtech’s partnership underlines the company’s commitment to helping players and customers manage their risks by providing the best of kind gaming products to its players.

Once this license has set up Featurespace as a new third-party provider within Information Management System, the occurrence of those pre-configured player events like withdrawals, deposits, and changes to personal information will trigger alerts for Information Management System to the Featurespace’s ARIC platform.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of this ARIC’s evaluation, all licenses will be required to send every historical data to Featurespace before to its real-time fraud investigations.

Playing games in online casino venues should be always fair and straightforward. Fortunately, companies like Playtech and Featurespace, invest a lot of time and money to create innovative solutions which can easily help their customers to detect any fraudulent activities among players. Therefore, with this new fraud detection tool by Featurespace and Playtech, multiple accounts, professional money laundering, credit and deposit frauds and every other illegal gaming acts will become the things of the past thanks to Featurespace’s ARIC adoptive, real-time machine learning platform that can easily identify and prevent any fraudulent attacks.

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