Norwegian Krone Online Casinos

Norwegian Krone online casinos

Norwegian Krone replaced Norwegian speciedaler back in 1873.

Another popular currency widely offered at many online casinos venues is Norwegian Krone denoted as NOK. The krone is the official currency in Norway and its dependent territories. The Norwegian Krone was the thirteenth most traded world’s currency by value back in April of 2010, which is down three positions in comparison to 2007. The krone was introduced back in 1985 replacing the Norwegian speciedaler. Back at that time, Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union that has been established back in 1873. After the dissolution of the Union, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway all decided to keep the names of their respective due to then separate currencies. Thanks to a wide number of Norway residents playing their favorite games online, these days you can find many NOK online casinos offering your favorite games where you can deposit and withdraw your money using the Norwegian Krone.

Norwegian Krone online casinos

Norwegian Krone is a widely accepted currency by major online casinos.

In very few European countries, the online gambling industry has been warmly embraced as in Norway. Therefore, many online casino venues offer players an option to play their favorite games with NOK as one of the main currencies alongside, the USD and Euro. Online gambling including video slots and other casino games is one of the most popular past time in Norway, so there is no wonder you can play online casinos with NOK. There are a few reasons why Norwegian residents have warmly embraced online gambling industry. For one, Norway is one of the richest countries thanks to its gas fields and its wealth of oil. This resulted in very high gross domestic products. Another reason is the country’s climate. Norway has the wet and dark climate and the majority of the social activities simply have to be held inside because there are many days of rain and very long nights due to its geographical position. Therefore, there are many Norwegian residents playing their favorite games online and they want to play online casinos with NOK.

Gambling Regulations in Norway

Norwegian Krone online casinos

In Norway, only state-run companies are allowed to offer online casino games.

Gambling was introduced in Norway by Vikings who had a dice game in which they gambled on one of their pillaging journey through Europe. Therefore, there is no wonder online gambling is allowed in Norway. Just like in many other European countries, the gambling regulation is limited. In Norway, only state-run companies Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping are allowed to offer gambling related services.

The products offered by these Norway state companied commonly include sports betting and lotteries available to every Norwegian resident who is older than eighteen. However, Norwegian residents and other player living somewhere else in the world can play online casinos with NOK thanks to the great popularity of online casino industry in Norway. NOK casino games offer players opportunity to both withdraw and deposit their money in NOK while avoiding commonly high exchange rates.

Excellent Websites with Plenty of NOK Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The websites offering NOK casino games are not only for Norwegian players of course. Players living elsewhere also have an opportunity to play online casinos in NOK from the coziness of their homes. Since the currency is on the rise, there are many online casino venues offering NOK as one of the main currencies alongside the USD and Euro. Since Norwegian player love to play casino games online, you can easily find many NOK online casinos venues offering a wide range of different deposit and withdrawal methods using this currency.