Online Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular dice game, which is quickly becoming the rising star online casinos.

Sic Bo is very popular dice game originating from ancient Chinese game. The game is very popular in Macau and is almost right behind Baccarat according to recent estimations. In the US, the game is often offered in the popular Asian gaming rooms found in Atlantic City. There are also large Las Vegas properties offering at least one Sic Bo table at the casinos. The game is also known as dai siu, tai sai or big and small. Sic Bo is an unequal game of luck played with three dice.

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From Asia to the Rest of the World

There are two variations of the game chuck-a-luck and Grand hazard both coming from Europe. The literal meaning of the game’s name is precious dice, while dai sai and dai siu mean big or small. The game is very popular in Asia where it originated. It is widely played in Macau and in the Philippines known as hi-lo. Several Chinese immigrants introduced the game to the United States back in the early 20th century.

Live Dealer Sic Bo

Sic Bo is rapidly becoming popular, so many online casino venues offer Live Sic Bo in addition to Online Sic Bo.

Today, it can be found in the majority of the United States land-based casinos. It can be played legally in the UK licensed casinos since May 13th, 2002 as regulated by The gaming Clubs and Amendment Regulations. Sic Bo gameplay involves betting on a certain condition like that all three dice will roll the same number. The game using three dice and a table with a wide range of different betting options is one of the popular casino games as it offers fun and enjoyment with luck factor involved. As soon as the online casinos were introduced, the game found its spot at the majority of online casino venues. The table layout and odds may vary from one online casino to another, but the rules of the game are always the same.

Sic Bo Rules: Let’s Roll the Dice

Sic Bo is a very fast-paced game which appeals to fans of both Roulette and Craps and anyone else who likes to experience some change from their usual games. Sic Bo means dice pair, but the game involves playing with three dice. The Sic Bo board may seem complex, but it is actually very easy to understand. The dealer throws three dice at the beginning of the game in a small Sic Bo cage. Before throwing the dice, players bet on the results of that throw. They can place their bets on any single number appearing on the total of the three dice, two certain numbers appearing or a specific combination of the numbers.

Sic Bo betting options

Sic Bo involves a wide range of different betting options.

Each of these bets comes with a different payout depending on probability. Very similar to Roulette, you can place as many bets as you like. Sic Bo is similar to Craps as well as both games involve dice. The game is a game of luck since every roll on the dice may result in a loss or win on any bet. The game starts when players place their bets on areas of the Sic Bo board. The dealer the throws the dice and reveals the combination. Players can place their bets on the following:

  • Bet on the three dice total: Ranging from 4 to 17
  • Bet on the three dice being Small or Big: Big 11 to 17, Small 4 to 10
  • The combination bet: any two specific numbers appearing on the three dice
  • The single bet: any specific number appearing on the three dice
  • The double bet: two of a certain number appearing on the three dice
  • The triple bet: all three dice showing a certain number

Three Dice Total and Big or Small

The easiest bet in Sic Bo is betting on the three dice total. This bet ranger from 4 to 17 as 18 and 3 and covered by Triple 6 and Triple 1 bets. The payouts on these bets differ depending on the probability of these scores occurring. For instance, a total of 11 or 10 pays  6 to 1, while a bet on a total of 4 pays commonly 60 to 1 here the casino edge is between 7.4% to 15.3% depending on a specific total score in the range.

Sic Bo bets

The easiest bet in Sic Bo is betting on Big or Small.


As mentioned above, you can bet on the total of three dice being Big or Small. Small is 4 to 10 while Big is 11 to 17. The payout on Small and Big is 1 to 1. This bet is an evens chance bet just like betting on black or red in Roulette. It should be noted that both Small and Big lose if any triple appears, that is why a total of 18 and a total of 3 are not included in Big and Small bets. The probability of these bets is 48.6%, so the casino edge is 2.8%.

The Combination Bet and Single Dice Bet

Sic Bo bets

The Combination bets and Single Dice Bet offer better payouts.

Another Sic Bo bet is the combination bet, wagering on any two numbers appearing on the three dice. You may bet on a combination of 6 and 4, which is a winning combination if the three dice appear 6, 4, 3. The payout on this bet is 6 to 1 regardless of which combination you choose as the probability is 13.9%. The casino edge on this bets is 2.8%.The single bet is wagering that a certain number will appear on any of the three dice.

The payout in this bet depends on the occurrence of the chosen number appear on the three dice. If your number appears on the three dice, you are paid 1 to 10. If your number appears on two dice, you are paid 2 to 1, and if your chosen number appears on all three dice, you are paid 12 to 1. This is different from the tripe bet as those are paid 180 to 1 on a certain triple bet. The casino edge on single dice bet is around 7.9%.

The Double and Triple Bet

The Sic Bo rules also cover the double and triple bet. The double bet is wagering that two certain numbers will appear on the three dice. You can bet on Double 2, and you win if three dice whole 6, 2, 2. In fact, you can bet on any double ranging 1 to 6, and the payout for this bet is 10 to 1 as the probability is 7.41%. The casino edge on the double bets is 18.5%.

The triple bet is wagering that all three dice will show a certain number. You have an opportunity to bet on any certain triple from 1 to 6. The payout for these bets is 30 to 1 in the case when you win 30 units for your every stake. On the other hand, the payout on a certain triple is a staggering 180 to 1 which is the biggest payout on Sic Bo board. This payout is also the largest in comparison to other casino games. It is an amazing return, but there are very high odds against that happening as 216 to 1. The casino edge on this bet is 16.2% The most common wager are Small and Big, but in order to play the game you have to know all these Sic Bo rules, and maybe you will walk away with that 180 to 1 payout Sic Bo bonus, you never know.


Sic Bo Types and Formats: Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck

Sic Bo types

No matter which Sic Bo type you choose to play, you will have an amazing experience.

As we mentioned before, there are two Sic Bo types named Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-luck both originating from Europe. Grand Hazard is also played with three dices. The dices are either rolled down a chute which contains a series of hazard chute or inclined planes or thrown with a cup.

Three-of-a-kind occurring is known as raffles. The payout on this best is 18 to 1. Chuck-a-luck is another Sic Bo type introduced in the United States. The game is also known as a birdcage, sweat cloth or chuckerluck. It is very commonly played in the US having its origin and background in Grand Hazard. The game also includes three dice, which are kept in a device resembling a wire-frame used in birdcages. The dealer rotates the cage several times until the dice land on the bottom of the device. The game usually features just single-number bets sometimes adding bets for any triple bets with odd 30 to 1. The game was very popular in most prominent Nevada casinos until replaced by Sic Bo tables.

Sic Bo Strategies: Get Ready to Win the Game

Before you get to know some common Sic Bo strategies, keep in mind that the game is a game of luck. Simply, there is no anything you can do in order to make the dice come out in the way you like. However, understand simple Sic Bo strategy you can increase your chances of walking home with the nice amount of money in your pockets. If you understand the game and if you place your bets accordingly, you both can have so much fun and win some real money, you may venue get that nice Sic Bo bonus if you are playing at the right place. The options are limitless, so prepare to win the dice game and walk away richer.

Be in the Defense

When it comes to basic Sic Bo strategy, remember to always be on the defense.The reality of the game is what type of bets you place as they will make difference between winning and losing real money. The game primarily depends on fortune which means that your patience is paying more than anything else. This means you have to defend rather than go out there and attack. Players who rather defend than attack manage to retain more money while staying longer in the game. The best rate you can find in the game is 2.78%, so focus on Big and Small bet types in addition to specific combination bets.

Focus on Big and Small Bets

If you go out there and focus on placing your bets on Small and Big, you will win more often and the casino edge on these bets is quite a descent. Placing these bets, you are risking to win less money, but you have a better chance of winning something more often which pays very well in the long run. If you know Sic Bo rules better, you then realize placing your bets on a single die can get you more money, but while the payout rate is much higher, the actual chances of winning are significantly lower. If you still decide to wager on a single dice number, concentrate on a single number and then try to predict which number of those six will come up. It is not unheard that betting several times on the same number in most cases eventually led to that favorable result.

Balanced Sic Bo Strategy

When it comes to placing the combination bets, you have a small advantage of just around 2.77%. However, combination bets should be used ultimately and frequently as the probability of winning in these bets is 6 to 1, meaning a player can expect to win in every seventh bet. This very popular Sic Bo strategy is perfect for the beginners in the game as it involves playing those bets which are a low risk that pays out in the long run. However, the downside of this Sic Bo strategy is that repetitive feeling and sometimes boring. However, when you master this low-risk strategy, you can turn to a balance Sic Bo strategy where everything is in the bets you place.

Sic Bo strategy

No matter which Sic Bo strategy you choose, keep in mind that this is the game of luck.

  • Bet on a total of 9
  • Bet on a total of 12

Players following this strategy are aiming for bigger wins as they are focused on the number that gives them the best chance which is 12 and 9 because they have those payouts closest to probability. The payout on 9 and 12 is 6 to 1 while the probability is 15 to 2. The trick of this strategy is to place a bet on chosen total and then combine it with certain three double bets. To balance the risk you have taken, you should choose the doubles that have the possibility of winning in the case when your chosen total loses.

An example of this is placing a bet on a total of 9 that won’t win if double 1 appears. In addition, a total of 12 also won’t win is a double 6 appears. If you will be betting on 9, place three units on a total 9 and two units on double 6, 5, 1. If you win your return is 22 in the case when double wins and 21 units if 9 wins. If you are going to bet on 12, place three units on a total of 12 and two units of double 6, 2, 1. Your return in the case if a double win is 22 units and 21 units if 12 wins.

Conclusion: The Finest from Asia

Sic Bo is one of the most entertaining casino games brought from Asia to the rest of the world. The game is pure fun and excitement involving luck. However, even though the game is a game of chance, there is a certain Sic Bo strategy you can follow in order to walk home with a nice money amount in your pockets. The game is available at the majority of online casino venus, and the best part is you can play it wherever you like if you play Mobile Sic Bo. The Sic Bo fun has been taken to a whole another level with the introduction of Live Sic Bo where you play the game with a real dealer in a real-time via streaming technology. You can stay at your home, and play the game at any time, just grab that Live Dealer Sic Bo spot and enjoy.

If you are lucky enough, you can grab an amazing Sic Bo bonus offered at some online casino venues and watch that dice finally roll in your favor. Choosing a right online casino venue is as just important as choosing the right Sic Bo strategy. In order to make your job easier, we put our list of recommended casinos for playing Mobile Sic Bo, Live Dealer Sic Bo and the classic online format of the game. Before you embark on this adventure, make sure you check the list we have put for you in order to bring the best of the game to your home.