New Video Slot ‘Hotline’ from NetEnt Dropped on Thursday

Hotline video slot

Net Entertainment or NetEnt is one of the giants when it comes to the development of video slots for online casinos. Their slot games have reached millions of players from all over the world which made them one of the most powerful software developers in the entire world. Because of that and because of the fact that NetEnt’s video slots feature some of the best graphics and features, NetEnt’s video slot games have been among the most popular ones.

On March 22, 2018, NetEnt released their long-awaited video slot called Hotline. Interestingly, the name of the slot was not something that players were expecting as several announcements stated that this video slot will be called Miami Pursuit. In the end, NetEnt opted for Hotline which caused a bit of confusion among the players.

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Channeling Inner Tango & Cash

For those players who were fans of the amazingly popular TV shows called Miami Vice as well as Tango and Cash, the new Hotline slot will be a trip down the memory lane. The entire game is a celebration of the 1980s crime procedural TV shows and movies including the two that were already mentioned. The game is set at sunset in a city that very much resembles Miami which led many to conclude that the inspiration for this game from the already mentioned TV shows and movies.

In this game, 5 reels and 30 paylines are available for the players to take advantage and to create as many winning combinations as possible. The betting size in this game goes as low as 15p per spin making this game available for low stake players as well. Besides that, it also important to mention that players who prefer using their mobile devices will also the opportunity to enjoy in all the same features as the game was developed for all types of mobile and tablet devices.

While playing this game, players will have the opportunity to use different features such as Hotline Bonus Bet feature, Expanding Wilds, and several other features that should significantly improve players’ chances for big winnings. Features and the top-notch quality of graphics and animation are what made NetEnt so popular in the world of the online gambling industry.

The Feedback

As mentioned before, players were expecting a slot called Miami Pursuit to drop on March 22, but when that did not happen many started to question whether Hotline is just Miami Pursuit that was re-branded. So far, NetEnt has not confirmed or denied that issue but it does not seem that players will be paying a lot of attention to it. They are very much satisfied with the fact that they finally have the opportunity to play new slot from NetEnt to be interested whether Hotline and Miami Pursuit are one and the same video slot games.

No matter what, NetEnt managed once again to provide an amazing game that satisfied the needs and desires of many different types of players. With a colorful design, inspiring story, amazing features, and great playing experience, the Hotline slot will surely become one of the most popular slot games developed by NetEnt. This year has barely started and we have already got some amazing new titles. However, the biggest wave of new releases is yet to come and because of that players are very much interested in what different slot developers, especially NetEnt have to offer.


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