Best Italian Friendly Online Casinos

Italian online casinos are loaded with massive winning opportunities and plenty of exciting games.

The laws in Italy were very strict when it comes to lottery, casinos or any type of gambling for that matter, it was extremely illegal and none could do any sort of gambling in the entire country. They had the most strict laws in the world. Today, the situation in Italy is different from what it used to be. New laws, new people, new rules and gambling became legal. Still, they are strict about certain things but not like in the past. When it comes to online casinos they became legal but they need to follow the rules made by the Italian government and their regulations. Therefore, there are many Italian online casino offering the most popular games to worldwide players.

Italy wanting to keep up with the rest of the world, so the country had to keep online casinos legal to became modern country. Following what others do, keeping up to the standards, everything had to be clean, legal, done by the law and they even made licenses for gambling. Government agency called AAMS that means Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies helped Italy to reach these standards and make online casinos in Italy. The government supports the gambling world as long as everything is legal.

Italian agency AAMS Controls the Online Gambling Industry

They make and enforce the laws, they are issuing the gambling licenses and everything else which is needed. Italian government is all for the gambling and they also control is everything done properly and according to their laws and regulations. They were very strict about their laws, and whoever tried to break their laws there were some penalties involved. Appearing at the court of law to be judged and sent to prison, big fines and being fully prohibited from gambling, forever.

Back in 2011, online gambling finally became legal in Italy.

Their laws are very strong and they clearly state what can be done and what can’t when it comes to Italian online casinos. Since only until recently gambling was illegal they are still keeping up with the rest of the modern world, technology etc. For the first time, in 2011 online casinos became legal by the Italian government. They made online casinos and Poker games legal as long as they are done by the laws. There is even a restriction of how much money can be used to bet, 250€ tops.  There is also one really big and unusual law in online gambling sites, which is that they need to return 90% of the money collected back to the gamblers.

Italian Online Casinos Accepting Euro

Italian online casinos accept Euro as their main currency.

One of the important things for Italian online gamblers is to find casinos that will accept Euro currency, so they don’t have to transfer their currency which would make them lose time and money eventually. Positive thing is that many online casinos are using Euro(€) currency due to the big European gambling options. Since the European Union was founded, many countries joined and started using Euro as their currency that is a good thing for the online gambling world. Euro currency is the most used currency in the world, so for Italy online casino in order to attract more people they are focusing on Euro currency for mutual benefits.


Wide Range of Available Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Euros are accepted worldwide, so casinos are getting more and more popular due to the big worldwide activity and support in gambling. Each website offers big customer service in many languages. Payment methods are also very important in the online gambling sites. Websites need to have many options in order to attract more clients and they can do that when placing these options to their sites, since it is very important for users to have easy withdraw choices. Some of the most popular options for this are Neteller, Ukash and PayPal that are most commonly used in online transactions. PayPal is also one of the safest choices out there.

Italian online casinos offer a wide range of different banking methods from e-wallets to bank transfers and credit and debit cards.

More and more casinos are switching and choosing to target European gambling market since it’s growing rapidly due to the interest in the real money gambling from the comfort of their home. Also Online casinos are even on a bigger demand since the American gambling sites and gambling overall were decreasing rapidly. This is a good thing for Italians and their online casinos since they are available worldwide and in many languages.

The Future of the Italian Online Casinos Looking Brighter than Ever

Future of their online casinos is brighter than ever with all of the opportunities available. According to the statistics in 2007, Italian people invested around 42 billion euros. Majority of the Italian dollar is spent on sports gambling or national lottery. Online casinos in Italy are even in higher demand since the news laws were made in 2011. Ever since then AAMS agency has reported that the online gambling is being searched for like never before.

Italian online gambling market has been growing for years setting new industry standards.

By the laws, any online casinos which want to expand to the Italian betting market need to follow the rules and which games can they offer, as not everything is legal. Right now, Italy online casino games which are legally allowed are only classic old casino games and poker type of games. No online slot machines are allowed or anything else similar to that which could possibly be hacked. Any Online casino sites which wants to join the Italian market needs to prove that they are complying with the new laws and regulations when it comes to their gambling. They also need to submit the request directly to the AAMS to prove that everything would be legal and by their laws.

All of these rules and regulations, lack of modern gambling games etc. still sounds very strict and not necessary but just when comparing the situation before and after in Italian online gambling they’ve came a long way to make everything the way it is today and they are even making a gambling as a new source of great money income. In the next years they are planning on bringing more and more licensed online casino websites. Their use of Euros has been beneficial to many online markets.