When it comes to online video slot games, there are hardly any better slot games than the ones developed by the NetEnt software provider. The Attraction slot is also one of their slot games and throughout the entire game, players are able to see and enjoy in all elements that made NetEnt one of the best software developers in the entire world. Because of that, Attraction slot has been very popular among the NetEnt fans.

This slot features 10 paylines and 5 reels that players can use in order to create winning combinations that can lead them to huge winnings. The general theme of this slot is the physics or rather the attraction, one of the phenomena in physics. For all those players who like science, this slot game is a perfect choice and they will surely have amazing experience playing this video slot game.

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Attraction Slot Gameplay and Features: Getting the Best out of Attraction Slot

Before players actually start spinning the reels and building their own winning combinations, they will have to adjust certain aspects of the game in order to have the best possible experience. One of the things that they will have to do is to adjust the size of the bet that they will be wagering in the game. In order to that, they will have to use the ‘Level’ option and this option will provide them with the opportunity to regulate the level of the bets that they will be using in the game. Besides that, they will also have to use the ‘Coin Value’ option for the same purpose. With this option, players will have the possibility of adjusting the size of the coins that they will be using in this game. In this game, the size of the coins ranges from 0.01 to 1. After that, all that is left for the players to do is to hit the ‘Spin’ option and the reels will start to spin. For those players who do not like to spin the reels individually, this game has provided the ‘Autoplay’ option that spins the reel for certain period of time without any interruption. The Attraction slot game has also provided the ‘Max Bet’ option for those players who want to bet with the maximum amount of coins.

This game provides players with several amazing features that enabled them to create winning combinations that will lead them to huge winnings and amazing new features. In that regard, the Attraction slot features the Wild symbols which in this case is the Pink Atom. Besides that, this slot game also features the sticky Wild symbol which is the Blue Atom. However, the sticky wild symbol is available only during the Free Spins feature. Another feature that this game provides is called the Magnet feature and it is activated at the beginning of every spin as well as at the beginning of every re-spin. When the reels stop spinning, Wild symbols that are located on the same reel or in the same row begin acting as a magnet and they will activate 1 re-spin and it will feature one or ever several other sticky wilds symbols. In this case, all the symbols that are located between the magnet and the Wild symbol will transform into sticky wild symbols. When all those symbols transform into the sticky wild symbols, players will be rewarded with yet another re-spin.

Every time a player is about to begin the re-spin round, two magnets will appear in two places, each on the edge of the reel frame. Once the re-spin round finishes and if one or even more sticky wild symbols, as well as one extra re-spin round, will be awarded to players if it happens that the wild symbol appears on the same row or reel as the magnet did. Considering all those features, it is no wonder that the Attraction slot is still very popular slot game among the players from all over the world.

Attraction Slot Audio and Video: Using Amazing Graphics and Development Solutions

As mentioned before, the general theme of this slot is science or rather physics. Right from the start of the game, players will be taken to a science laboratory where the game will take place. Throughout the entire game, players will be able to encounter different symbols such as atoms, computers, different measurement devices, and several others. All those images perfectly complement the general theme of this slot.

In general, this is a very fast-paced slot game and one of the main reasons for that is the soundtrack that keeps the adrenalin rushing through the players’ bodies. The soundtrack features electrifying and motivation beats that keep players awake and focused on the game. Because of that, the Attraction slot is very fun and entertaining slot game and a lot of players enjoy playing it.

Conclusion: NetEnt Strikes Again

NetEnt has once again proven why many considering them the best software developers in the entire industry. With amazing features and even better graphics and general design of the slot, NetEnt has provided many players with great opportunities for winning big amounts of money as well as having amazing time and experience while playing this slot game.

All elements of this slot have been perfectly and carefully developed. All those elements have their purpose in the game and one of the best things about this slot game is the fact that it provides players with the opportunity to discover all those different aspects. With NetEnt being present at almost all online casinos in the online gambling industry, players will not have a hard time finding this game and they will be able to play it very quickly.