Crime Scene

Crime Scene video slot has been developed by NetEnt and it needs to be said that this is not one of the most popular slot games when it comes to the NetEnt software platform. However, the reason for that is not the lack of features and good opportunities but the fact that players did not have the opportunity to play this slot game as much as some other games.

This slot features 243 paylines and 5 reels which provides players with the opportunity to win big while playing this game. Unfortunately, players did not have the opportunity to see who much entertaining this slot is throughout the entire game.

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Crime Scene Gameplay and Features: Uncover Big Secrets

Crime Scene video slot

Crime Scene video slot is loaded with generous bonus features that bring awesome wins.

Before a player gets the opportunity to enter the crime scene, a player will have to determine the size or amount of their bets. With this slot, paylines are not that important because this slot uses every possible combination which significantly increases the opportunity for players to win significant amounts. Before they start to play the game, players will have to use the ‘Coin Value’ option in order to determine the coin size for wagering.

After that, players will have to use the ‘Level’ option in order to determine the amount of sets of 15 coins that players will be wagering during the game. Just like other slot games, this slot also features ‘Max Bet’ and ‘Auto Play’ option and they enable players to play with the maximum amount of the bet and without any interruptions for a previously determined number of spins.

In the case when three or more Fingerprint symbols appear on the reels, a Bonus Round will be activated and players will have the opportunity to win mostly instant cash awards. Throughout the game, players will be containing evidence of a mystery and if players collect all evidence, they will have the opportunity to win even more cash. In the Bonus Round, players will have to avoid the Red X because that option will end the bonus round.

Crime Scene Video and Audio: Simplicity is the Solution

Crime Scene video slot

As expected from one of the most prominent names in the industry, Crime Scene video slot feature the top-quality graphics and appealing visuals.

Crime Scene slot features different images that are usually found at the crime scene. Those images include a gun, glasses, and forensic kit and all that builds upon the general theme of this slot. Besides that the sound effects are minimalistically done which was a very good move because the entire slot game reflects some kind of simplicity and simply sound effects fit perfectly into the general theme of the Crime Scene slot.

Conclusion: Investigate the Crime Scene and Win Big

Crime Scene slot might not be the most popular slot in the world but it provides many different features that players should enjoy it. Besides that, this slot also provides players with great entertainment and even better opportunities to win significant amounts which is not the case with many other slot games developed by NetEnt or by any other software platform in the world of online casinos.