EggOMatic is a video slot game that was developed by NetEnt which is known as one of the best software providers for online casino sites. This slot game features 20 paylines and 5reels which provide players with more than enough possible winning combinations that they can use in order to win big. Testimonies of many players indicate that this slot game has provided a lot of fun and success for the players who played it.

The very name of this slot game suggests the general theme and throughout the entire game, players will be encountering different elements that perfectly complement the general theme of this slot. With all the features and amazing graphics and design, the EggOMatic slot is one of the most interesting slot games that NetEnt has ever developed.

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EggOMatic Slot Gameplay and Feature: Find all the Eggs and Win Big

Upon opening the game, players will be required to adjust certain elements of the game before they actually get to start spinning the reels. The first thing that they will have to do is to adjust the size of their bets and in order to do that, they will have to use the ‘Level’ option. Besides that, they will also have to determine the coin size that they will be wagering. For that purpose, they will have to use the ‘Coin Value’ option.

When it comes to coin sizes in this video slot game, it needs to be said that the coin sizes range from 0.01 to 1. After that, all that is left for the player to do is to click on the ‘Spin’ option and the game will start. For those players who prefer a more automatic approach to spinning the reels, this game provides the ‘Autoplay’ option. With this option, players will have the opportunity to spin the reels for certain period of time without any interruption. The duration of the automatic spin depends on the number of spins that the players have selected. Besides that, this game also features the ‘Max Bet’ option that players can use in order to wage the maximum allowed amount. This game also includes the Wild symbol which, in this case, is the Rooster and it has ‘Wild’ written on itself. Besides that, another very interesting feature that this game provides for the players are the Special Feature eggs. Those are the Free Spins egg, Coin Win egg, and Spreading Wild egg.

Once a player starts playing this game, he or she will immediately notice that this game also features the EggOMatic egg dispenser which contains all the Feature Eggs that we have mentioned previously. In the case when a Wild symbol appears on the reels, one of the features from the eggs will be activated on the belt that is located above the reels. There is a maximum amount of feature eggs that can appear at the same time in this game and that amount is five.

When talking about the features of this game and all the features eggs, it is also important to mention that Spreading Wild eggs will transform adjacent and diagonal symbols into the wild symbols. Besides that, the Free Spins egg will activate a certain number of free spins while the Coin Win eggs add additional coins to the players pay line winning amounts. Last but not the least, the Surprise egg features one of the feature eggs that we have mentioned previously. When the Free Spins feature gets activated, the EggOMatic will place 4 eggs on the belt above the reels and it will also add the fifth egg while the player is spinning the reels. Players will also have an opportunity to win additionally free spins in the case when at least one Free Spin egg appears on the reels while the Free Spin feature is active.

EggOMatic Slot Video and Audio: Dive deep into the World of EggOMatic

When it comes to the features of this slot, it can be said that this slot provides amazing features for the players. However, this slot’s main selling point seems to be the graphics and video and audio design that made this slot game amazingly interesting. Combining all those amazing features with great graphics and design, NetEnt managed to create amazing interested that appeals to many players.

Throughout the game, players will be encountering different elements of the theme. For example, considering the automatic or robotic theme of this slot, all chickens and rooster feature in the game are also robotic which creates a bit more creepy and fun atmosphere. Besides that, the sound effects perfectly complement the video elements which creates an amazing atmosphere that players will most definitely enjoy in.

Conclusion: Experience the Uniqueness of this Video Slot Game

EggOMatic is one of the most interesting video slot games in the entire online gambling industry. One of the reasons are the features that this slot provides for their players. Besides that, the graphics and the technological solutions that developers used in order to create this video slot game have also made this slot unique and unlike any other in the entire market.

With many different features, players will have the opportunity to win huge sums of money. Throughout the entire game, they will have the opportunity to activate bonus features that will provide them with either free spins or with coins that they will be able to add to their winnings. Because of that, many players have characterized this slot game as one of their favorite slots ever as well as one of the best slots that are currently available in the entire online gambling industry.