Have you ever wonder how to the world came to be and how life evolved from the earliest beginnings to today? Well, the Evolution Slot might provide you with some insight as this video slot game has been inspired by the idea of evolution and Darwin’s evolution theory. This slot has been developed by NetEnt and it features 25 paylines and 5 reels which provide players with amazing opportunities to create a huge number of winning combinations while playing this game.

In the world of online slot games, NetEnt is known as one of the best software provides and because of that, players were expecting a lot from this online slot. In the end and after looking at this slot very carefully, it can be said that NetEnt has once again delivered on all promises and expectations that players had before the launch of this slot game.

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Evolution Slot Gameplay and Features: Explore Different Levels of Evolution with Evolution Slot

Just like evolution had to make certain steps throughout the millions of years of history, players who want to play this slot game will also be required to make certain steps in order to adjust some aspects of the game. This adjustment will provide them with better experience of playing and improved chances of winning big amounts of money. The first and the main aspect that they will have to adjust is the size of the bet that they will be using while playing this game. In order to do that, they will have to use the ‘Coin Level’ option that is provided in the game on the bottom left part of the screen. Each time a player increases the level of the coins, he or she will also be increasing the site of their total bet by 25 points. In order to increase or to reduce the value of the coins that they will be betting in the game, players can use the arrows that are located beside the ‘Coin Level’ option. After that, all that is left for the players to do is to click on the circular arrow and with this move, the game will start and the reels will be spinning.

This slot game also provides players with the opportunity to use the ‘Max Bet’ option. With this option, players will have the opportunity to bet the maximum amount of coins that is allowed for this game. In this regard, it is also important to mention that the maximum amount of coins that is allowed for betting in this game is 10. Besides that, this video slot game also provides players with the ‘Autoplay’ option that will enable players to spin the reels without any interruption for certain period of time. The duration of this option will be determined by the players when they choose the number of spins for automatic spinning of the reels.

When it comes to the objective of the game, it needs to be said that the Evolution slot features a very simple objective. All that players are required to do is to get matching symbols that will be starting from the reel at the left side and towards the reel on the right side. This slot game also features the Wild symbol and in this regard, it needs to be said that these Wild symbols can improve chances that players have for winning big amounts of money. Besides that, one of the most popular features that this slot game provides for the players is the Free Spins. This feature is activated when three or more Free Spin symbols, which are the Scatter symbols in this game, appear on the reels in any location. When this feature gets activated, every winning combination will transform into the next highest-paying symbol on the reels. Because of that, players have the opportunity to win huge sums of money even though their winning combinations might feature only lowest symbols when it comes to the level of paying symbols. Considering all these aspects of the Evolution slot, it is not hard to see why many players love to play this game so often.

Evolution Slot Audio and Video: Getting the Most out of Evolution

One of the biggest characteristics of NetEnt’s slot games is the amazing quality of the graphics that this software provider uses. The Evolution slot also uses some of the best graphics that we have ever seen in the video slot games and because of that NetEnt is perhaps the best provider of software for online gambling sites. Considering that the general theme of this slot is evolution, all images used in the game represent a certain step in the evolution process.

Another very important aspect of this slot game that has been one of the reasons for its success is the sound or rather the sound effects. There is not a musical background to this slot game. Instead, the only sound effects that players will be hearing in this game are the sounds of the water that are playing while the reels are spinning. Considering the evolution, these sound effects seem completely appropriate.

Conclusion: Only the Best from NetEnt

Once again, NetEnt has proved to know what it takes to create and develop amazing slot games with amazing features and very simple gameplay. After testing all the features of this slot game, it can be said that the Evolution slot has provided players with great opportunities for winning big sums of money which is one of the main goals of each and every player that plays this kind of casino games.

Besides that, this online slot has also provided players with amazing levels of entertainment and great experience that they really enjoyed in. Because of that, the number of players that play this slot game has been rising since the first day this slot game became available.