Flame Busters

The Flame Busters video slot has been developed by Thunderkick and it features 243 possible paylines and 5 reels which provides players with more than enough possibilities of winning significant sums of money. Over the years since this slot has been available to the players, many players have been very satisfied with what it can offer them in the sense of entertainment as well as opportunities for winning big.

The general theme of this slot game are the First Responders that risk their lives every day to save other people’s lives. One of the best characteristics of this slot game is the graphics that is used which is not used as often as it probably should be in the world of online slot games. Because of that, many players have described the Flame Busters slot as one of their favorite slot games.

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Flame Busters Slot Gameplay and Feature: Join Fire Fighters in their Adventures 

Before the players actually get the opportunity to play this game, he or she will be required to take some actions in order to specify their type of play. The first step that they will have to take is to determine the size of their bets that they will be betting throughout the game. In order to do that, they will have to specify which coin size they will be using and the option ‘Coin’ provides them with the opportunity to achieve that. Upon clicking on this option, the game will open a new screen and players will be required to put in the coin value they will be betting.

In this game, the coin size that players can use in the game ranges from 0.10 to 100. For those players who do not like to spend time adjusting almost every option in the game, there is ‘Autoplay’ option that is available. With this option, players will have the opportunity to spin the reels for a certain number of times that they have previously selected. With this option, the reels will be spinning without any interruption until it has spun the reels for the specific number of times. For those players who are not such big fans of autoplay option, the ‘Spin’ option is provided. With this option, players will spin the reels and the game will start.

It is also very important to mention that the Flame Busters slot game features the Wild symbol and in this case, the symbol is letter ‘W’. This symbol is used as a replacement for any other type of the symbol in the game except for the Scatter symbols. In this game, the Scatter symbol is represented by the image of an alarm clock. When we are talking about the symbols in this game, we also need to mention that this game also features the Burning Fire symbol. This is a mystery symbol and when this symbol appears during the game, he will be replaced by some other symbol except for the Scatter and the Wild symbol.

In the case when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear at any place on the reels, the bonus Building game will be activated. For every 2 Scatter symbols appear during the game, players will be unlocking new floors that will be awarding them with additional 2 Free Spins. Besides that, during this bonus game, the coin that carries the lowest value will be transformed into the Burning Fire Symbol and it will be active for the rest of that game. When it comes to these coins and the Burning Fire symbols, it is very important to mention that it is not possible to replace those Burning Fire symbols with a replacement for that symbol. During the main game, players will also have the opportunity to activate the Fire Drill feature that will be transforming between 1 and 5 low win symbols in the Fire symbol. With this feature, players will be able to activate additional features and they will be getting an opportunity to win bigger sums of money and to increase their winnings.

Flame Busters Slot Audio and Video: Back to the Age of Pixels

We have already said that one of the most interesting features of this online slot game is the graphics that this slot uses. For those who remember games from the 90s such as Super Mario and others, the graphics used in the Flame Busters will be very familiar. Thunderkick decided to use old pixilated graphics in order to develop this game which worked perfectly as it made this slot much more interesting.

With the sound effects that were also part of old video games, the Flame Busters slot game was able to awake nostalgia in the players for old video games that brought so much fun and entertainment to the players. Throughout the entire game, players are listening to the musical background that completely resembles the music used in those old video games.

Conclusion: Experience all the Glory of Old Video Games that features 8-bit Graphics

The Flame Busters slot game is one of the very interesting slot games that appeared in the online gambling industry recently. The biggest characteristics of this slot game are the features that it provides to the players. However, those characteristics have been overshadowed by the graphics and the audio elements which is very shame because this slot game provides players with amazing opportunities to win significant sums of money.

With different options and available features, the Flame Busters was able to fulfill demands of so many different types of players which has become a very tough task to achieve in today’s online gambling industry because all players have different preferences and wishes when they play their favorite slot games online.