Fruit Warp


The amazingly thrilling Fruit Warp video slot brought to your by Thunderkick has a unique twist on those traditional fruit-themed games. This game starts with an interesting animated clip of fruit flying through some tunnel, so from the very beginning, you know this is not just another fruit-themed slot. The game is loaded with quite generous Fruit Warp bonus features that come more often than you may think initially. There is another big difference between this game and other online slots. As soon as you start playing you will see that the reels are not organized at all, so you will probably, start wondering how you should play this game. Very soon, you realize the game gives you generous rewards for landing the same fruit on the reels three or more times.

Fruit Warp online slot also comes with plenty of Fruit Warp Free Spins that you can enjoy once you trigger Free Spins mode. The best part is, you can play the game while you are on the go with Fruit Warp Mobile version that does not lack generous Fruit Warp bonus features, high graphics, and great winning opportunities.

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Fruit Warp Gameplay and Features:  A Greatly Innovative Game With no Paylines and Reels, Just Crazy Big Winnings

As already mentioned in this Fruit Warp review, the game is a truly innovative video slot that runs on the Thunderkick’s software. In order to join those dancing fruits that hide some cash prizes, you have to set up your bets ranging from 0.1 to 100. Once you are done, press the spin button and embark on this adventurous journey where you can catch brightly colored fruits and walk home with some money in your pockets thanks to Fruit Warp bonus features that will keep coming your way. As mentioned, the more of the same fruits you land, the more generous prizes you get. You trigger Fruit Warp bonus features once you land the same fruit on the screen at least four times. As already mentioned in this Fruit Warp review, there are no reels and paylines. In order to play and win, just set your bet size, press the spin button and you are ready to roll.

The highest-paying symbol is the dragon fruit. Seeing nine of these on your screen gets you a nice multiplier of a staggering 216 times your initial bet. Another generously paying symbol is the kiwano melon that can get you 45 times multiplier. In addition, keep an eye on the star fruit as well since it can get you 42 times multiplier of your original stake. The rest of the fruits include the orange, banana, grapes, strawberry, cherry, and plum. The game comes with two different Fruit Warp bonus features. The first one is the Portal re-spin feature that is activated when you see the same fruit four times on the screen. The second Fruit Warp bonus feature is Fruit mode that is activated when you see the same fruit on your screen at least five times.

When you land the same fruit four times, the magic portal re-spin will leave those four fruits remain in place. On the other hand, the remaining five symbols will fly away and be replaced by other fruit symbols hopefully more of the same symbol you already have locked in place. The second Fruit Warp bonus feature, Fruit Mode brings a scale that will appear on the bottom of your screen.  Once this occurs, you will try to pick multipliers as you go. You will move by picking more of the symbols that helped you to trigger this features. Once there are no more those symbols, this round is over and you get back to the base game. The multipliers during this round can become significantly high determined by the number of symbols in your winning combinations.

  • Nine of the dragon fruits symbols can get you 216 times multiplier
  • Nine of the kiwano melon symbols can get you 45 times multiplier
  • Nine of the star fruit can get you 42 times multiplier

Fruit Warp Video and Audio:  Flying Fruits Everywhere Bringing Awesome Cash Rewards

The game has a very original appearance. As you hit the spin button, you will be met by a blank green screen where soon different fruits will take place flying on the screen. Therefore, a splatter of nine different brightly colored fruits will hit the screen without reels present.

In some way the game gives you feeling of 3D movies, as you may feel like you are wearing 3d glasses. All of the fruit symbols float in place on the screen accompanied by small bubbles also flying around. Fruit Warp online slot is also accompanied by a relaxing, jiggle little tune that is accentuated by fitting sounds when you hit a winning combination and activate Fruit Warp bonus features.

Conclusion: Huge Winnings Guaranteed Thanks to Fruit Warp Bonus Features

The game is truly amazing just as expected from one of the most prominent names in the online gambling industry, Thunderkick. There is a little bit of everything including awesome bonus features Fruit Warp Free Spins in form of amazing re-spin rounds, great graphics, and most importantly amazing winning opportunities. Therefore, hit a spin, catch those flying fruits and eventually walk home with great winnings in your pockets.