Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a slot machine developed for online casinos by one of the biggest software developing companies in the world, Microgaming. The name of the slot indicates the main theme of this slot and, in some way, this slot is paying homage to one of the biggest and the best TV show in history. This slot uses different elements of the TV show in order to create a very good experience for players who want to play slots in the online casinos.

Game of Thrones slot features different sigils of the Westeros Houses and those sigils are symbols in the game. However, the most important symbols in the entire game are the Wild cards and in this case, that symbol is the Game of Thrones logo which is the picture of Iron Throne. The Game of Thrones slot is a 243-way video slot that provides players with many different options for winning.

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Game of Thrones Gameplay and Feature: Explore the World of Westeros

Just like it is the case with many other video slots on that are available for play on online casinos, players will have to determine the amount of their wager as their first step. In that case, players will have to select the number of coins that they want to bet on their game. The ‘Coin Size’ option in this game provides players with the opportunity to determine the size of the bet that they are betting on the spin and it ranges from 0.01 to 0.02. The reels start to spin when a player clicks the ‘Spin’ button. Besides that, players also have the option of ‘Autoplay’ that would automatically spin the reels for certain period of time without any interruption.

Game of Thrones video slot

Game of Thrones video slot offers high payouts and plenty of winning opportunities.

After every win, players will be provided with the option of clicking ‘Gamble’ and with that option they will have the opportunity to increase their winning. In this round, there are four stages that a player will have to go through and those stages are:

  • 3-Eyed Raven
  • White Walker
  • Direwolf
  • Dragon

In this round, players will be asked to choice Heads of Tails and if they guess correctly, their winning will double and he or she will be moving on to the next stage. In case a player lose, this feature will end. Besides being offered the option ‘Gamble’, players will also be offered the option ‘Collect’ and they can use that option to collect their winning and to move on to the next spin.

Game of Thrones also features the Game of Thrones free spins options as well. This option is activated when three or more Iron Throne pictures appear on the reel and players is offered the selection of four Westeros Houses and each house awards a certain number of free spins. Besides that, those Houses will also award the stacked symbol as well as the multiplayer value. With this option, a player can get up to 18 free spins as well as the x5 multiplayer value. It is also important to mention that the free spins option can be re-activated during the game.

Game of Thrones Video and Audio: Let the Sounds of Game of Thrones Carry you

As we have mentioned before, Game of Thrones online slot is filled with the symbols from the TV show. The entire graphics of the slot is filled with the elements from TV shows such as the sigils of the Westeros Houses. Besides that, the image of Iron Throne is used for the most important symbol in the game, the Wild card which is yet another reference of the most popular TV show ever.

Besides that, an audio feature of this slot is also depicting the theme of Game of Thrones. Moreover, during the entire game, players will have the opportunity to listen to the opening theme song of the Game of Thrones which is very cool for the fans of that TV show. In general, the graphics of the game is perhaps not the best in the world of online slots, but the features of the game compensate for the lacks in graphics and sound department.

Finally Ride the Dragon

Game of Thrones video slot

With impressive graphics and amazing cash rewards, Game of Thrones video slots takes you on an adventure you do not want to miss.

Fans of the TV phenomenon, Game of Thrones, will be very excited while playing this online slot because it is a slot that is devoted completely to the TV show. Underneath the visuals and the sound, there is a very solid slot game for all players that want to try their luck with online slot machines. Game of Thrones free spins is one of the best features of this slot and it allows players to enjoy a different number of free spins while playing this game.

Besides that, Game of Thrones bonus feature provides players with the opportunity for the bonus round in which they could double the amount of their winning. The maximum amount of wins with this slot is not that high and because of that many player who are just starting to play online slots prefer this slot game than any other. If you are ready to try your luck while playing online slots, sign up with some of the online casinos from the list below, starting spinning your luck and enjoy playing Game of Thrones slots.