Legend of the White Snake Lady

The Legend of the White Snake Lady video slot was developed by Yggdrasil software developer. This software developer has been gaining a lot of attention recently with the slot games that they released not that long ago. This video slot game is one of those games that attracted the attention of so many players from all over the world.

The main inspiration for this video slot was one of the oldest folk stories in China, the story about the White Snake and Xu Xian who falls in love with Bai Suzhen who is actually the White Snake spirit that gained immortality.

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Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot Gameplay and Features: Big Number of High paying Symbols

This video slot game features 5 reels and 243 ways that players can use in order to create winning combination which can result in them having big winnings. The minimum size of the bet in this video slot game is 0.25 while the maximum size of the best is 125.00. With this kind of bet size range, this video slot is great for all types of players and it does not matter whether they like to play with low or with high stakes.

As indicated, this video slot does not the usual pay lines. Instead, it rewards players with wins whenever three or more matching symbols appear on reels next to each other starting from the left side of the reels. This game also features the Wild symbol represented by the image of golden sake with Wild written on it.  Unlike in majority of other video slots, it is not used as a replacement for other symbols in the game.

Instead, whenever this Wild symbol appears, it will activate the re-spin mode and it will become locked in the position in which it landed. It also needs to be mentioned that Wild symbols in this game can appear only in the third reel. Additionally, up to three Wilds symbols can land on the third reel which will significantly increase the chances that players have for winning big.

The highest paying symbol in this game is the image of White Snake Lady. In the case when five of these symbols appear on the reels without the Wild, players will be rewarded with 25000 coins. In the case when four of these symbols appear with the Wild on the third reel, players will be rewarded with 2500 coins. One of the most fascinating aspects of this video slot game is the fact that majority of other symbols are also very high paying symbols. Majority of them will reward players with 2500 coins in the case when five of them appear on the reels in the winning combination.

Even though this video slot does not feature many different features, it is still one of the most interesting slot games that appeared recently. Despite the lack of a big number of features, those features that are available for the players will reward them with the same prizes as other features that are not included in this video slot.

Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot Audio and Video: Mesmerizing Sound Effects

Visually, this video slot looks amazing which has become one of the main characteristics of Yggdrasil software developer. The entire game is dominated by beautiful blue color which creates a nice and calming effect while playing this game. Two snakes are located on both sides of the reels, which perfectly complements the general theme of this video slot. The graphics used in this video slot is stunning as Yggdrasil has paid a lot of attention to even the smallest details.

Besides that, the sound effects used in this game also pain the picture of Oriental culture. Those sound effects feature sad tunes which perfectly fits the tone of the folk story that was used as inspiration for this video slot. With the stunning design of both audio and video effects, the Legend of the White Snake Lady video slot has been one of the most popular slot games developed by Yggdrasil.

Conclusion: Getting to Know the Oldest Folk Story in China

The Legend of the White Snake Lady slot game provides players with unique experience of playing slot games as well as with some amazing features that players can use in order to improve their chances of winning big. With visual and especially sound effects, players will be taken into the story and they will have the feeling of actually being a part of one of the oldest folk stories in China. With Wild symbols and Free Re-Spins, players will have the opportunity to make the experience of playing this game even better.