Rabbit in the Hat

Rabbit in the Hat is a video slot developed by Microgaming, a software platform that is currently the leader in the industry. Because of that, this video slot is available at a huge number of online casinos and it will not be a problem for players to access this slot game.

The main inspiration for this video slot was magic or rather the magic shows that were very popular not that long ago. Every aspect of this game perfectly complements the general theme which makes playing this slot a unique experience for all players. With terrific graphics and animation, this video slot has managed to catch the attention of a huge number of players.

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Rabbit in the Hat Slot Gameplay and Features: With Magic Hats to Big Winnings

At first sight, the Rabbit in the Hat slot features a bit complicated gameplay. However, once everything gets broke down to simple elements, players come to a conclusion that, in fact, the gameplay of this game is very simple. This video slot features 9 paylines and 5 reels and considering that all of them are constantly fixed, players will not have any worries about determining the number of active pay lines. The only aspect that can be changed is the number of coins that players bet as well as the size of those coins. While playing this game, players will have the opportunity to choose up to 10 coins as well as the coin size that can be 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.20. With this kind of coin sizes and a possible number of coins, it can be concluded that the maximum size of the bet is 18.00. The highest paying symbol in this slot is the Wild symbol and in the case when five of them appear on the reels, players will be rewarded with 10,000 coins while the second highest paying symbol is the Magician pulling cards out of the Hat and when 5 of them appear, players will be rewarded with 2,000 coins.

The Wild symbol in this game is the Hat with WILD written on it. On the other hand, this video slot does not feature the Scatter symbols, but that does not mean that players cannot activate the Free Spins feature. Some players might believe that this slot does not provide any features or bonus game and that would be a wrong assumption. There are different features in this game but they are unlocked and active in a very different way than players have got used to. This game uses Magic Hats, and completely randomly, one hat will appear on the reel with every spin. There are four different hats that can appear on reel 5 and those are Free Spins Hat, Wild Reel Hat, Cash Reel, and ? (Mystery) Hat. These hats activate different features in the game but only if Wild symbols appear below given hat. The Free Spins Hat will reward players with 10 free spins and it can be reactivated up to 5 times. The Free Spin feature starts with a hat above every reel and with every spin, a random hat will appear on reel 5. The Free Spins Hat can re-activate up to 10 free spins and after the end of this feature, the base game hat return to activating state.

The second hat or the Wild Reel Hat will expand and it will turn u to 3 reels Wild which will significantly improve the chances that players have for winning big. The third hat or the Cash Hat will reward players with a random cash prize and those prizes will be added to their winning balances immediately. The last Hat that appears in this game or the Mystery Hat randomly rewards players with one of the features activated by other Hats. Regarding the Magic Hats, it also needs to be said that during the base game, all hats will move one reel to left. In the case when a certain hat reaches the far left reel without being awarded, it will be removed on the next spin.

Rabbit in the Hat Slot Audio and Video: Create Your Own Magic Tricks

This video slot features incredible design and graphics that bring the magic show closer to players. Throughout the game, players will be creating winning combinations that feature symbols such as rabbit, knife throwing, magician pulling cards out of a hat, chest, water tank, and several others. All those symbols were used for the purpose of expanding the general theme of the slot and creating better effects in the game.

On the left side of the game screen, a magician is placed and he pulls Magic Hats of his Hat and places them on reel 5. Because of that, the animation had to be top-notch for this to work, and in the end, it turned out, that animation was perfect as this aspect of the game works perfectly. While playing the Rabbit in the Hat video slot, players will be accompanied by a soundtrack that features musical elements as well as sounds of people talking which creates the atmosphere of actually being present at the magic show.

Conclusion: Waving a Magic Wand

The Rabbit in the Hat video slot provides players with the opportunity to travel to a land of magic and explore many different magic tricks. With four different Magic Hats, players are able to use different benefits to improve their chances of winning. Because of that, a huge number of players have been playing this slot game hoping that their dreams might come true. Additionally, visual and sound effects provide players with experience of playing video slot like no other slot game in the world.