Secret of the Stones

Secret of the Stones is one of the most impressive video slots that NetEnt has ever developed. In essence, it is a relatively simple slot game but it provides many different features that players can enjoy and use in order to win significant amounts of money. Throughout the entire game, there is a theme of mythical times that makes the experience of playing this slot even better.

Players from all over the world have indicated that this is one of the best slots that they have played and that it provides them with all the most important features that a single player needs when he or she is playing slots.

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Secret of the Stones Slot Gameplay and Feature: Embrace the Mythical World

Before the start of the game, a player will have to decide on the size of his bet. This slot features 25 paylines and players will be required to determine the number of paylines that they will be playing with. They can do that by using the option ‘Lines’ that is provided on the bottom-left side of the game. The ‘Coin Value’ option provides players with the opportunity to determine the size of the coins that they will be playing with. Besides that, this slot also features the ‘Auto play’ as well as ‘Max Bet’ feature that players can use to play this slot without interruption and with the maximum amount of the bet.

Secret of the Stones video slot

Thanks to the Wilds and ate other Bonus symbols in the Secret of the Stones video slot, you can win big in several spins.

The main goal of this slot game is to get as much matching symbols along the paylines. This slot features a Wild symbol that can be used as a replacement for any other symbol in the game except for scatter. Players will have the opportunity to activate a Free Spins feature when three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels. After that feature has been activated, a player will have to choose from 20 stones in order to get some of the features such as additional free spins, wild reels, extra wild symbols, and multipliers.

With that kind of features, players are able to win huge sums and it needs to be said that this slot game is very user-friendly as it does not provide any complicated feature that might prevent the player from enjoying this slot game completely.

Secret of the Stones Slot Audio and Video: Let the Mythical Sounds Take You to the Land of Wizardry

When it comes to the graphics, this slot game features some of the best graphics that we have ever seen in slot games. With the general theme of mythical times, this slot uses symbols that remind players of all mystical stories that they have been listening while growing up. Besides that, the wild symbol in this game is a wizard which is a clear indication of what the general theme is.

Secret of the Stones video slot

In terms of visuals and graphics, Secret of the Stones is an impressive game.

Besides that, the sound effects in this game are also complementing the team as the sounds are almost in all situations mysterious, mythical and on some occasions very creepy which additionally improves the experience of playing this slot game.

Conclusion: Grab your Chance and win Big

Secret of the Stone is one of the best works from NetEnt software platform. With this slot game, players have the opportunity to win significant amounts and more importantly, they have the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience of playing slot games.

Additionally, it is also important to mention the Secret of the Stones mobile feature that enables players to play this game on their mobile devices without having to worry that some aspects of the game might be lost because they are playing on some other device.