The Wish Master

For many players, The Wish Master Slot is one of the most entertaining video slots that NetEnt software provider has ever developed. This game features 20 paylines and 5 reels which is enough for players to have an amazing time while playing this slot game as well as great opportunity to win big sums of money. Since this slot game has been available at online casinos, many players have managed to win significant sums of money which is one of the main reasons why players play these casino games.

The general theme of this slot game is a wish-fulfillment through that has been a subject of many fairy tales and many books and movies. Because of that, while playing this slot, players have the feeling of actually being in a magical land where all of their wishes could be fulfilled.

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The Wish Master Slot Gameplay and Feature: Find your own Genie in a Bottle

In order to start the game, players will be required to determine the size of their wager that they will be using throughout the game. In order to do that, the first thing that they need to do is to use the ‘Level’ option. With this option, they will have the opportunity to adjust the size of their bets throughout the entire game. After that, players will also have to adjust the coin size that they will be betting. In this slot game, the coin value ranges from 0.01 to 0.5 and in order to adjust the coin size that they will be betting, players will have to use the ‘Coin Value’ option that is provided in the game. After that, all that players will have to do is to hit the ‘Spin’ button and with that, the game will start. For those players who prefer the more automated process of playing slot games, the Wish Master slot provides the ‘Autoplay’ option that will automatically spin the reels for a certain number of times that you have previously determined.

Additionally, players will also have the opportunity of using the ‘Max Bet’ option which enables players to bet the maximum amount at once without having to manually adjust the size of their bets. When it comes to the features that this slot game can offer to players, we need to mention that the Wish Master slot features the Scatter symbol which, in this case, is the symbol of Scroll. Besides that, this slot game also features the Wild cards. However, unlike in some other slot games, in the Wish Master slot, there are multiple Wild cards such as symbols that are being transformed into Extra Wilds throughout the game, the Expanding Wilds, the Random Floating Wilds, as well as the entire Wild reels that can appear at some point in the game.

In the case when a Scatter symbol appears on the reels, the Genie will be escaping from the maps and he will activate one of the ten available features that bring players 10 Free Spins. Some of those features are Wilds replacing other symbols, wins being multiplied by x2 and by x3, the appearance of the entire Wild reels in the game, when Floating and Expanding Wild symbols appear in the game. Besides that, if it happens that another Scatter symbol appears while one of these features is active, a new feature will be added to the game and the number of spins will increase by five. The Wish Master slot game has also imposed a certain restriction on how many of these features can be active at the same time. In this case, only three features can run at the same time. In the case when a Scatter symbol appears in the game where three features are already activated, a new feature will be added to the game and it will replace the one that was added the first. However, in this case, the new Scatter symbol will additionally increase the number of available free spins by 5.

The Wish Master Slot Audio and Video: Embrace the World of 1001 Arabian Nights

As we have said before, the theme of this slot is the magic that can fulfill all kinds of wishes and throughout the entire game, players are able to encounter different symbols that complement that story. The Wish Master Slot features masks of different colors that intensify the elements of mystery that are present in this slot.

Besides that, the sound effects in this slot have been marvelously managed and they perfectly complement the general theme. Throughout the entire game, players will be listening to music background that features elements from the Arabian cultures which creates an atmosphere of being a part of Arabian nights. Combining these audio elements with the visuals of this game, this slot has enabled players to fully immerse themselves in a magical land where their wishes could be fulfilled by a magical genie.

Conclusion: Amazing Experience and Great Opportunities provided by the Wish Master Slot

The Wish Master slot is without a doubt one of the best achievements of NetEnt software provider when it comes to visual and audio segments of the slot game. Besides that, with many different features, this slot also provides players with great opportunities to win significant amounts of money which is one of the main goals of players.

The Wish Master slot a very simple to use slot game and it is very player-friendly. It does not require any complicated actions from the players and that is one of the reasons why so many players from all over the world love to play this slot game.