Live Dealer Blackjack


Live Dealer Blackjack brings those land-based casino vibes directly to your home

Blackjack is definitely one of the most popular online casino games available at every online casino venue. Following the popularity of online Blackjack, many online casino venues decided to incorporate live dealer Blackjack as well into their gaming portfolios. So today Live Blackjack with Live Roulette and Live Baccarat makes the big three of live casino games you can find at every prominent live casino venue. Live casino Blackjack includes an actual, physical blackjack table with physical decks of cards that are dealt and shuffled around by an actual, human dealer. When playing live dealer Blackjack, you place your bets using the online blackjack interface while everything else happening on your screen looks exactly the same as when playing the game at brick and mortar casino venues.

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Following the massive popularity of the game, the majority of live dealer casinos offer live dealer Blackjack which is most commonly placed on their lists of live dealer games. There are many exciting versions of the game available at those prominent live casino venues including standards Blackjack from with seven seats and with multi-player tables or in its one to many blackjack form with a single dealer and many players situated at the same Live Blackjack table. When it comes to that classic, standard, 7-seat live dealer Blackjack format, it may be sometimes hard to find your spot at the table. These issues never occur with Live Baccarat or Live Roulette. Fortunately, there are some live casino venues that constantly work on adding more Live Blackjack tables in order to cope with this massive demand.

Enjoy Live Blackjack Thrills from the Coziness of Your Home

When playing Live Dealer Blackjack, you get to interact with your dealer

As already mentioned, Blackjack is definitely one of the most popular online casino games available at every major online casino venues in several different formats. The game is very fun, fast and simple to learn, so there is no any wonder why it enjoys a massive popularity among online casino players. Besides being all fun and easy to play, the game also involves deep strategy which makes it a perfect choice for both veteran and beginner players who seek more thrills when online gaming. Those beginner players can engage in learning those basic Blackjack strategies, while those more experienced players can incorporate more advanced live dealer Blackjack strategies and eventually beat the house.

Live Blackjack also offers amazing thrills and a great atmosphere to every player as there is nothing more fun than playing a game with other people in which all of you work together in order to beat the dealer and bring home amazing sums of money. Online casino venues did an amazing job when it comes to recreating that amazing land-based atmosphere and vibes with their live dealer Blackjack games. Live dealer Blackjack is definitely a perfect combination of the traditional game you play at land-based games with that amazing convenience of the game you get when playing online Blackjack. The rules, payouts and other live dealer Blackjack aspect are the same when playing online Blackjack, but in Live Blackjack there is a human dealer who uses the actual, physical cards in order to determine outcomes on each hand. Therefore, this experience you get when playing live dealer Blackjack is the closest to land-based Blackjack games from the coziness of your home.

Benefits of Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

You can play Live Dealer Blackjack from your mobile device

As already mentioned, Live Blackjack brings that real land-based casino excitement and atmosphere directly to your home. Live dealer Blackjack, in fact, gets you that ultimate online gaming experience while it also enables you to get involved with the game more with plenty of options you also get when playing Blackjack at brick and mortar casinos. The best part is that you can play live dealer Blackjack at any time whenever you want, as the majority of Live Blackjack games is compatible with mobile gaming as well, so you get to take the fun and thrills with you whenever you want, while on the go playing on your smartphone or tablet. Another amazing benefit of playing live dealer Blackjack is ease and convenience. When playing live dealer Blackjack, you can stay, double down or hit from the coziness of your home, while sitting on your favorite chair or even from the coziness of your bed. The game is all yours, and you get to control it to the fullest without any hassle involved.

No matter your preferences, with Live Blackjack everything is possible. Therefore, you get to put on your favorite music, maybe drink your cocktail and simply enjoy in all those things offered by the game offering you the best possible online gaming experience which is closest to that one you enjoy while playing at brick and mortar venues. Another great benefit is that there is no any fear of rigged games. Any live dealer casino we recommend here comes with to rigged games, but there are still some people fearing that they may be cheated by their chosen venues. However, this cannot happen not by any means when playing live dealer Blackjack as, during the gameplay, you get to see all of the actions happening in real time on your screen. You get to see your real dealer dealing the cards, you get to see outcomes on each hand in real time and everything else just as you are actually there seated at your live Blackjack table.

Choose Your Dealer

One of the major benefits of playing live dealer Blackjack is the ability to socialize with other players. You also get to interact with you real dealer, ask question or regard any of your concerns using chat box option. This option of interacting with both your dealer and other players definitely brings greater social aspect, more personality and even more fun to the game. This is definitely much better than playing against software where there is no interaction involved.

At the majority of live casino venues, you also have an opportunity to choose your real dealer before you start playing the game. These choices you get vary from one venue to another, but the majority of those prominent live dealer casinos offers you to choose your dealer. Despite the fact this is not something important for the gameplay, it is most certainly a great tough adding even more fun to the game. Besides these great live dealer Blackjack benefits you get to enjoy today, the game is getting more and more fun following the latest technology advancements, better streaming technology options and other things which add to the overall excitement you get when playing Live Blackjack.

How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack?

As already mentioned, live dealer Blackjack allows you to play the game from the coziness of your home in a very similar manner to when playing at some actual, physical land-based casino. Live dealer Blackjack does not use some kind of computerized interface and RNGs, but it uses that actual, physical Blackjack equipment from land-based casinos in order to determine the outcomes of every hand. There is also a real dealer who is dealing cards and performing other actions just as real dealers in brick and mortar casino venue. All of this is accomplished thanks to the use of top-quality video streaming technology that shows all of the actions happening in real time on your screen. Therefore, you get to see everything happening in real time, so you know that everything run smoothly and fairly. It should be noted that the specifics of playing Live Blackjack games vary from one online casino venue to another as well as from one Live Blackjack operator to another. However, the basics of playing live dealer Blackjack are always the same no matter at which live dealer casino you play.

Live Dealer Blackjack follows the same rules as the traditional game

In order to start your Live Blackjack adventure, the first thing is to find your live dealer venue. In order to make no mistakes here, make sure you check your guide on the best live dealer casino available which offer the best Live Blackjack games. Once you have your venue, you need to deposit some money into your online casino account in order to start playing. Once you have it done, you are ready to play. Just find that live dealer games section and select Live Blackjack. There are many venues that offer multiple Live Blackjack tables, so you should not have any issues finding available tables. Before you choose one, make sure you check its stakes levels as well as the number of listed seats. Make sure you choose an active table as Live Blackjack needs to be staffed by a real dealer. Another thing you need to check before playing your live dealer Blackjack game is to see what type of live Blackjack game is played on your possible table. There are mostly three styles of the game available including seated at a table, common draw and playing from behind.

  • Seated at a Blackjack table is most similar to those games you play at brick and mortar casino venues. You sit at some Blackjack table, you make all decisions regarding your hands while your dealer, listens to your decisions and based on your instruction he or she acts.
  • Playing from behind Live Blackjack game comes with some additional options for players. For instance, in these types of live dealer Blackjack games, you can take part in those actions of the gameplay even in those cases when all seats at some table are already taken. This means, even though you do not have your spot at the Live Blackjack table, you get to place wagers from behind of one of the seated players. However, you cannot make any decision for them, but you may lose or win based on what they have in their hand. Many online casino venues offer this type of Live Blackjack games with options to decline or choose in order to add some additional money to Blackjack bets when players split or double their hands.
  • Common Draw live dealer Blackjack is one of the latest gaming styles added that can service massive numbers of players with just a single dealer. Common Draw live dealer Blackjack games start with the dealer dealing with that initial hand. They then allow every player to wager on whatever they want. As long as players decide to take tame actions that require more cards, the dealer deal cards while the game’s interface is keeping track of what is happening with those cards that have some mean for you. This gaming interface allows every player to make their own decisions on playing out their hands, despite the fact, everyone seated at the table is seeing the exact same cards.

Live Blackjack Interface and Gameplay

Live Dealer Blackjack has the same gaming interface as Online Blackjack

If you have played online Blackjack before, you will have no issues when playing Live Blackjack as the rules of the game are exactly the same no matter which format of the game you play. Once you load your game, your screen will be dominated by a massive video display. You will see the actual Blackjack tables, cards as well as you real dealer. This may be located at some actual land-based casino or at some studio set by the company which is running the game. The video you see is the major difference between online Blackjack and live dealer Blackjack while the game’s interface is exactly the same as you see when playing online Blackjack. You place your best as you move your virtual Blackjack chips to certain parts of the Blackjack table. You do not have to trigger any button to start the game, as this will happen automatically. Further, you get to make decisions just by clicking on the different button on the table that allows you to Split, Stand or Double.

When playing live dealer Blackjack, there is much more information displayed on the screen. These include chat boxes you use for interacting with other players and with the real dealer. Commonly, you will also see some statistical information regarding your play and your betting history. You can also see how recent hands played out, you can check which decision are made by the majority of players and some other statistical information that get you a better insight into your current game. During every Live Blackjack hand, you are alerted when is your time to place your wagers. Once the dealer deals out the cards to all players, you are automatically scanned so the venue knows for sure what cards you have. Then, you have several seconds to make your decision. In the cases when you fail to make your decision or if you lose your internet connection, your current hand will Stand which is great as you still have a chance to win that hand. After every hand is completed, you will see your balance is adjusted in accordance with your bets, your win or loss just as in any other normal Blackjack game.

Place Your Bets

As you probably know, the main objective of Live Blackjack is to get some higher total card than the dealer’s without busting or going over twenty-one. The highest-valued live dealer Blackjack hand you can get is when your first two cards deals are exactly twenty-one. Most live dealer casinos use eight standard 52-card decks in which those numbered cards from 2 to ten have their face values while all face cards have values of 10 and aces are worth 11 or 1. In the case when you are dealt your initial cards with value 21, you won that round as you have a blackjack. When the dealer does not have a blackjack, players are dealt another card. At this point, you have three options to choose from. You can choose Stand, Hit or Double Down.

  • Double Down- You double down your bet in order to add one more card to your current hand
  • Hit-You Hit, so you get another card to your hand which is added to the total card value of your current hand
  • Stand-Takes no actions when you are satisfied with your current hand count

In those cases when your initial hand comes with two cards that has equal values, you can use option Split which means you split your cards into two separate hands and each off them comes with their separate bets which are equal to your original bet. If you do so, there will be a second card dealt and you have an option to choose Hit before deciding to go with Stand. In those cases when you use Split option on pair of Aces, you can receive only one new card per hand. Once all players have made their decision, the real dealer will over those face-down cards. In those cases when the total value of cards in the dealer is sixteen or less, you have to Hit while if the value goes over seventeen, they need to Stand. When you have a value of cards which is over twenty-one, you bust your bet is lost. You win the bet when you have a value of cards which is closed to twenty-one than your dealer’s hand. In those cases when you and your dealer have the same valued cards, this round is Push. This means you get your wager back.

Hop on Your Live Dealer Adventure Today

Following the massive popularity of the game, today there are numerous live dealer casino venues offering live dealer Blackjack games, so you should have no issues when seeking for your table. During the gameplay, you get to enjoy many live dealer Blackjack benefits such greater social aspect as you get to interact with other players as well as with your real dealer. There are many software providers that offer exciting live dealer Blackjack variants that all come with exciting features. Therefore, you can play Microgaming, NetEnt, Extreme Gaming, Playtech or Evolution Gaming live Blackjack games that all offer the same excitement and thrills.

While playing live dealer Blackjack, you also get more confidence in the outcomes, as all actions happening are streamed to you in real time, so you see the dealer dealing the cards, other players placing their bets and all other actions on your screen in real time. During the gameplay, you get to enjoy that real, land-based casino vibes with a greatly relaxed pace of play you cannot get when playing online Blackjack. Before you hop on this thrilling adventure, make sure you check our guide on the best live dealer casinos, so you do not make a mistake of registering and playing your game at some unreliable, untrustworthy venue.