Online Money Wheel

Money Wheel features all of the best elements from other casino games.


Finding the right to best describe Money Wheel online casino game might be a bit problematic as it features all the best elements of many other casino games. While playing this game, players will have the opportunity to recognize different elements of the game that are based on some other very popular casino games. For example, the betting style that players will be using in this game is almost identical to the one that players use while playing Blackjack.

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Besides that, the spinning wheel is obviously taken from the game called Wheel of Fortune while the number landing system is the same as the one that is used in Roulette. Because of that, playing this game will be very familiar even for those players who have never played this game ever before. The Play’n GO software developer managed to combine all those aspects and build a unique game that provides players with amazing experience. Unfortunately, this game is currently only available in Asian market while the players from Western countries still waiting for their opportunity to play this game. As mentioned before, this is an online table game and one of the biggest advantages of those types of games in comparison to the table games in land-based casino is the fact that developers have the opportunity to provide players with some mechanics and options that will hardly ever be available in the land-based version of these table games.

About the Game

There are six main bets present in Money Wheel.

This game was launched back in 2011 and since then, it has attracted a lot of players from all over the world. In many aspects, this game resembles a lot to another game called Big Six that features a big vertical wheel. However, the Money Wheel game features 56 stops on the wheel instead of 54 stops that are used in Big Six game. Besides that, many players agree that the house edge in the Money Wheel is by far lower than the one in the Big Six games. The 54 slots (in the USA) or 52 slots (in Australia) represent the six groups of what many call six main betting odds. Because of that, the number of slots in each group corresponds and is proportional to the odds that they offer for the players. That means that the higher the odds, the fewer of the slots will be on the wheel.

Based on the game’s rules and betting opportunities, this casino game seems to be perfect for the beginners who are just starting with their online gambling experience. In that regard, considering the rules that are very easy to understand, players will be able to get the hold on how the game operates and more importantly, how the betting system operates. It also needs to be mention that this game is also available in land-based casinos and it is usually the first casino game that most players play when they come to those casinos mostly because every land-based casino placed this game very close to the entrance.

Rules of the Game

Many players will agree that playing Money Wheel does not require any special skill or ability, mostly because of a great simplicity of the game. All that players have to do is to place their bets before the big wheel gets spun. The wheel will not be spun all the way until all bets are placed and only then the wheel will be spun. Once the wheel stops, the marked number that the indicator is pointing to is the winning number of the spin and it pays accordingly.

Online Money Wheel is definitely one of the simplest casino games.


While playing this game, players will have the opportunity to bet on one or several numbers at the same time. The following list represents the division of groups with a number of slots in each group, payoffs, and betting odds:

  • 24 slots at even, marked $1 have the payout of 1 to 1
  • 15 slots at 2:1, marked $2 have the payout of 2 to 1
  • 7 slots at 5:1, marked $5 have the payout of 5 to 1
  • 4 slots at 10:1, marked $10 have the payout of 10 to 1
  • 2 slots at 20:1, marked $20 have the payout of 20 to 1
  • 2 slots with one Joker and one Logo at 40:1 for each, have a payout of 40 to 1 or 45 to 1 in some cases

While playing Money Wheel or any other casino game whether online or in land-based casinos, players need to be aware of the fact that house will have a certain advantage in any game. The following list represents the house advantage for different types of bets for Money Wheel game:

  • For even bet, the house advantage is 11.11 percent
  • For 2:1 bet, the house advantage is 16.67 percent
  • For 5:1 bet, the house advantage is 22.22 percent
  • For 10:1 bet, the house advantage is 18.52 percent
  • For 20:1 bet, the house advantage is 22.22 percent
  • For Joker or Logo, 40:1 bet, the house advantage is 24.07 percent while for 45:1 bet, the house advantage is 14.81 percent

Final Thoughts

For those players who are looking pure entertainment and great opportunities for winning significant payouts, the Money Wheel game seems like a perfect choice. This game did not only provide players with great winning opportunities but also with amazing playing experience as the tension of waiting for the wheel to stop and reveal the winning numbers creates a lot of adrenaline.

Because of that, Money Wheel is currently one of the most entertaining and most popular casino games in land-based casinos. When it comes to online casinos, Money Wheel is not as popular as some other games mostly because other games are much more accessible than in land-based casinos. Despite that, online Money Wheel has managed to maintain a significant number of players for a long period of time.