Agent Jane Blonde

Agent Jane Blonde is a video slot game that was developed by Microgaming software provider for those players who are looking for both, amazing experience of playing slot game and opportunities for winning big amounts of money. Because of that, this slot game has always had a huge number of players who continued to come back to this slot time after time.

Unlike some other slot games, the Agent Jane Blonde slot features 9 paylines and 5 reels which players can use in order to create a huge number of possible winning combinations. This is yet another slot game that has been inspired by stories about spies the secret life of those spies. Considering the popularity of Microgaming among the online casinos, players have the opportunity to try out or play for real money this game at a huge number of online casino sites.

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Agent Jane Blonde Slot Gameplay and Features: Become a Spy in this Slot Game

Before the start of the game, players will be required to regulate certain aspects of the game in order to have the best possible experience and best opportunities for winning. The first thing that they will be required to do is to determine the size of their bet that they will be wagering throughout the game. In order to that, players will have to use the ‘+/-‘ option that will provide them with the opportunity to select the value of coins that ranges between 0.01 and 2.

After that, players will also be required to specify the number of lines that they will be playing with. In order to do that, the game provides players with the ‘Select Lines’ option that will enable players to pick the number of active pay lines in their game. Additionally, players will also be required to use the ‘Select Coins’ option in order to determine the number of coins that they will be betting. After that, all that is left for the players to do before the start of the game is to hit the ‘Spin’ button that will start spinning the reels. The Agent Jane Blonde slot game also features the ‘Auto Play’ feature that players can use in order to spin the reels without any interruption for certain period of time. Before they activate this option, players will be asked to specify the number of times for automatic spinning of the reels. Besides that, this online slot also features the ‘Max Bet’ option that players can use in order to bet the maximum amount of coins that is allowed for betting in this game.

It is also important to mention that the Agent Jane Blonde slot game also features the ‘Gamble’ option that players can use to increase the size of their winnings. After each winning combinations, players will be asked whether they want to game and possibly win much more money or they will stick with their winning. In the case when a player picks the second answer, he or she will have to use the ‘Collect’ option in order to lock down their winning. When it comes to ‘Gamble’ option, it needs to be said that this option provides players with the opportunity to increase their winnings, as mentioned before. However, it also needs to be mentioned that with this option, players can end up losing the entire amount of their winnings and because of that, players need to consider all aspects before deciding on gambling with this slot game.

This slot game also features the Wild as well as the Scatter symbol. Regarding the Wild symbol, it needs to be mentioned that this symbol is used as a replacement for any other symbol in the game except for the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol in this game is the image of Jane Blonde. On the other hand, the Scatter symbol in this game is the logo of the game. When three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels, the Free Spins feature of this slot game will be activated where all wins will be tripled. In the case when 5 Jane Blonde symbols appear on the reels, players will be rewarded with the prize in the amount of 10,000 coins.

Agent Jane Blonde Slot Audio and Video: Take on a Great Chance and Amazing Opportunities

This online slot game has a very interesting design that resembles the style that is used in cartoons. Because of that, all the images that were used in this slot are drawn and they represent different elements of Jane Blonde’s life as a spy. The images used in this game include Jane Blonde in different situations which totally complement the general theme of the slot.

Besides that, sound effects also go perfectly with the general theme of this slot. The soundtrack of this slot features a group of people speaking and the player gets a feeling that he is in the street surrounded by a lot of people. Besides that, winning combinations are marked with the sound effects that are very familiar for every player because they were taken from some of the best spy movies throughout the history.

Conclusion: Rising to the Top

Agent Jane Blonde slot game features a very interesting design which is one of the reasons why many players have been playing this slot game. Besides that, this slot game provides players with great features and even better opportunities for winning big amounts which is actually the true reason why so many players have been coming back to play this slot game online.

Besides that, the visual and sound effects in this slot game are perfectly used in order to complement the general theme of the slot. Additionally, sound effects are perfectly tuned and they are not too loud and distracting for the players while playing this slot game. All in all, the Agent Jane Blonde slot game is the perfect combination of great design, amazing features, great visuals and non-distracting sound effects, a combination that provides players with amazing opportunities.