Avalon II

Avalon II is yet another amazing video slot game developed by Microgaming, one of the biggest names in the online casino software industry. Just like it was the case with the first edition Avalon, Avalon II provides players with many different opportunities and chances of winning big amounts of money. Besides that, this video slot provides players with some amazing experience and entertainment.

As indicated before, the Avalon II is the sequel to the Avalon slot game and just like the first edition, the Avalon II slot follows the adventures of King Arthur and his knights of the roundtable. This slot features 243 paylines and 5 reels which provide players with more than enough possible winning combinations that they can use in order to improve their chances of winning or increasing the size of their winnings.

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Avalon II Slot Gameplay and Features: Join the Quest for the Grail with King Arthur and His Knights

Before they actually get the opportunity to go on a quest, players will be advised to adjust certain parameters in the game. One of the basic aspects that they will have to take care of before going on an adventure called Avalon II will be to determine the size of the bet that they will be using throughout the game. In this regard, the first thing that they should take care of is the value of the coin sizes that they will be wagering in the game. In order to do that, players will have to use the ‘Coin Value’ option where they will have to pick the ‘Coin’ feature. With the ‘Coin’ feature, the will be able to adjust the size of the coins they will be using.

After that, all that is left for the players to do is to press the ‘Start’ button and spin the reels. This slot game also provides the ‘Auto Play’ option that many players use in order to spin the reels without any interruptions for a previously determined period of time. In general, Avalon II is a very simple slot game, just like the first edition was and that is one of the reasons why this game has been so popular. Avalon II provides players with many different features. During the regular game, players will have the opportunity to enjoy two different features that are activated completely randomly. The first of those features is the Merlin feature and with this feature, a character will appear in the game and it will reward players with random cash prizes or different multipliers. The second feature available in the regular game is The Expanding Wild and it will be appearing on the middle reel.

Besides those two features, the Avalon II slot provides players with a lot of other features as well. One such feature is the Grail Bonus feature which provides players with the opportunity to play eight different mini-games. This feature will be activated when three or more Grail symbols appear on the reels in any position. Once that happens, a player will be taken on a journey throughout the Kingdom on a quest to get the Grail and bring it back to Avalon.

It is also important to mention that activating the Grail Bonus several times will activate two additional features, the Lake of Legend feature and the Misty Value Bonus. With Lake of Legends feature players will be rolling dice in order to complete the Excalibur. This game awards players with a multiplier in the amount of the number when he or she rolls the dice. The second feature enables players to pick their own wild symbols. This feature will reward players with 15 Free Spins as well as an x1 multiplier. With this feature, players will be choosing one symbol that will act as an additional wild symbol during the game.

Once players complete these two features, they will have an opportunity to activate the third and the fourth feature. The Whispering Woods Bonus feature will provide players with the selection of 1 out of 5 options in order to get the highest (x160) multiplier. Besides that, the Forest Falls Bonus feature provides players with 20 free spins and x1 multiplier. Besides that, players will also have the opportunity to activate another four very interesting features. The first of those four is the Dusky Moors Bonus feature that will display 12 items on the screen and players will be required to match two helms of the same type and the game will continue until a player manages to do that. Each helm awards players with a multiplier between x6 and x20. The next feature is the Morgan’s Keep Bonus features and it rewards players with 20 free spins and x2 multiplier. In this feature, the Rolling Reels will be applied which means that each consecutive win will increase the size of the multiplier.

The next feature available for players in Avalon II is the Hall of Shadows Bonus feature and each move in this feature will bring cash prizes for the players. In this feature, players will be fighting against the Black Knight and each of their moves, whether defense or offense, will result in prizes. The last feature that is available for the players of this slot game is called the Isle of Avalon Bonus feature and it provides players with the opportunity to spin the wheels in order to win the highest bonus multiplier. Because of all these features, Avalon II is one of the most popular online slot games in the entire world.

Avalon II Slot Audio and Video: Amazing Experience and a Lot of Fun

Just like the first edition of this video slot, Microgaming has managed to develop amazing slot game that provides players with a huge number of different opportunities for winning big amounts of money. Besides the features, the general design and the graphics used in this slot are also some of the reasons why this slot game has become so popular in a very short period of time. All the images used in the game perfectly fit with the general theme and throughout the game, players will be encountering King Arthur, the Black Night, Merlin, and many other related images.

Besides that, the sound effects used in this game additionally complement the general theme and players have the feeling of being a part of the time when King Arthur was ruling. Besides that, the music soundtrack brings players closer to the quest for Grail and creates the atmosphere where players are a part of the Avalon world.

Conclusion: Avalon II Features – Some of the Best in the Entire Industry

We have already mentioned that Avalon II is one of the best online slots in the entire industry for so many times. With all the features that we mentioned before, players have a huge number of opportunities that they can use in order to improve their chances of winning. Besides that, the size of their winnings will be much bigger than in any other slot considering the number of multipliers that they can win.

Additionally, with some of the best graphics and sound effects used in the game, Avalon II has outperformed the first edition of this slot game. Taking into consideration everything that we have mentioned previously, it is not surprising at all that Avalon II is perhaps the best slot game in the online gambling industry.