Space Wars

If you are looking for an ultimate space traveling adventure, look no further and jump on the board with crazy space creatures in Space Wars online slot. The slot was introduced by one of the most prominent software developers today NetEnt. It features 5 reels and 40 paylines, so many winning options are possible. The slot is designed featuring plenty of Wilds and other stacked symbols all in crystal-clear graphics for an ultimate space adventure which is about to start as soon as you hit the Spin button located in the middle of your screen.

Space Wars is another masterfully designed video slot featuring everything a true online slot player wants plenty of bonus features and amazing winning opportunities. The game tells the story of different alien species somewhere in the space battling against each other in order capture an amazing crystal. Space Wars is a very nice looking game with amazingly cute alien characters that sometimes are not so cute when they are angry. Either way, you will have an amazing space traveling adventure as soon as you hop on the board.

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Space Wars Gameplay and Features: Wilds Welcoming Your Every Step

Space Wars is an amazing online slot adventure introduced by NetEnt featuring 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines. The slot features five aliens with smaller ones which are worth the least. Larger aliens are worth more. Aliens which are worth more are colored purple, blue, green, olive and orange. There is also a Wild symbol represented as greatly valuable red crystal. As soon as you join the ranks of this very angry alien military, you will be taken to a whole another level of space traveling awesomeness filled with Space Wars bonus features and amazing winning opportunities. The best part is you can try the game for free before you put your real money on the table and join funny looking alien creatures on their venture through space. In order to start, you have to decide how many coins you want to play with ranging from 0.01 to 0.50. The next step is to click the Spin button located in the middle of your screen and you are ready to go and get that red crystal home with you.

Space Wars video slot

Thanks to the Space Wars video slot bonus features, you can score awesome wins in just several spins.

The wonderfully crafted game featuring angry little aliens offers exceptional engagements as you travel through space in search of your treasure hidden somewhere. Space Wars bonus features include Re-Spins, Stacked Symbols, and Wilds leading you to greater winnings.

You will more than entertained as you watch your bankroll growing with every new spin.  The slot doesn’t have any special bonus games, but you may bet on up to 1,000 automatic spins. You just have to select your bet and activate AutoPlay feature. Wild symbols can appear on the reels during regular play as well as during re-spin mode. Stacked symbols form a block in order to create better-winning payouts. Wilds appear on reel two and reel and they can substitute any other symbol in order to make winning paylines. The Cloning Pod Re-Spins mode is triggered when a winning payline is formed. When that happens, the winning symbols from that line are teleport-ed to the certain Cloning Pod where that symbol is cloned and thrown back in the form of a free re-spin that creates additional payouts.

  • Wild Symbols
  • Stacked Symbols
  • Clone Pod Re-Spins

Space Wars Video and Audio: Meet Incredibly Looking Space Aliens

Space Wars online slot is another graphical masterpiece by NetEnt. As you can guess by its name, the slot features an otherworldly theme influenced by some crazy space living aliens welcoming you on the board as you join the battling their way in the search for valuable red crystal hidden somewhere. These highly-animated and unique space creatures will welcome you on the reels with their wild eyes and quite kooky expressions.

Space Wars video slot

Space Wars video slot is a beautifully crafted game with appealing visuals and top-quality graphics.

Your ultimate job is to follow them and grab that red crystal waiting for you to be taken home. The background of the slot is set somewhere in the space complete with a teleport situated on the right-hand side of your screen. This unique portal has a function in Space Wars bonus game mentioned above. On the reels, you will find five unique space creatures looking scary, but they are friendly. The best creature there is Green Alien with an adorable costume. These cute space creatures will welcome you on the board and you are set to go and get that red crystal.

Conclusion: The Greatest Space Adventure as Soon as Join Space Wars Aliens on their Way to Red Crystal

Space Wars is an incredibly cute looking online slot featuring plenty of Wilds and other stacked symbols leading you massive payouts. You will be accompanied by cute space creatures that will lead you on this greatest space traveling adventure you can take from your home.

The slot even without a dedicated bonus game has great innovation and proper charm which will definitely keep you engaged all the way towards red crystal waiting somewhere in the space. This is another very well developed game by NetEnt. Before you go out there and hop on the board, check our list of the recommended online casino where you can join crazy aliens on their space adventure.