Dead or Alive

Currently, one of the most popular video slots in the world of online casinos is Dead or Alive online slot. This slot has been developed by one of the biggest and most successful online casino software platform, NetEnt. Dead or alive features nine paylines with five reels. The general theme of the Dead or Alive slot is the Wild West and all features of the slot including audio and video create a very good impression of the Wild West.

This game is considered to be one of the best by many players mostly because of the quality of the game as well as because of the fact that it provides players with the opportunity to win huge amounts of money. With the classical elements of the Wild West like cowboy hats and liquor bottles, a player is deeply immersed into the theme of Wild West.

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Dead or Alive Gameplay and Features: Aim big with Dead or Alive Free Spins

In order to start to play this slot, players would have to first adjust the amount of their bet as their first step. That can be achieved by clicking on ‘Bet Level’. After that, players will have to adjust the coin size that they are ready to bet while playing. The range of coin that can be used to play Dead or Alive slot is from 0.1 to 0.5 which is the maximum coin size for this game.

Dead or Alive video slot

Dead or Alive video slot offers amazing winning opportunities especially when you land special symbols.

The game will not start until a player adjusted a number of bet lines or rather the number of playlines that will be available in that game. After that, a player is ready to spin the slot and to look for his or her winning. If a player wants to bet the maximum amount, there is an option for doing that without having to set the coin size to maximum. With only one click on the ‘Max Bet’ option, a player will be spinning the reels betting the maximum size of the coin. For those players who enjoy playing with more people the same game, the fact that Dead or Alive provides multiplayer feature is very good news.

Dead or Alive game offers several perks for the players. One of those is indicated by the ‘WANTED’ posters that will appear on the reel. If a player manages to spin five of those WANTED posters he or she will win a pay out in the amount of 1,500 EUR. This symbol is actually a substitute for any other symbol on the given reel except for the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols in Dead or Alive is the two crossed over pistols. Whenever those symbols appear on the reels, a payout will be given. Besides that, in the case when three or even more those scatter symbols appear a player will be awarded the free spin round. It is also important to mention that any winning during the scatter round are doubled but that can happen only once during the game.

Dead or Alive Video and Audio: Feel the Wild West

When it comes to the video and audio features of this game, it needs to be said that both features have been developed in order to fit the general theme of the game, the Wild West. The audio feature is especially efficient in painting the picture of Wild West as the dog’s barks, wind, sounds of the storms, and the squeaks of wood floor paint a very good and mesmerizing picture of the saloon and the Wild West.

Besides that, the symbols in the game are also painting the same picture. With cowboy boots, hats, pistols, liquor glasses and bottles featured on the reels, the image of Wild West is completely achieved. Besides that, the sound of whip appears whenever you click on some of the options which are a yet another very good touch that complements the general theme of the game.

Conclusion: Experience a Wild Ride

Dead or Alive video slot

You get to experience the true Wild West adventure as soon as you hit the spin button on the Dead or Alive video slot.

NetEnt has been one of the best software developers for online casinos and Dead or Alive Online Slot is yet another proof of that claim. With Dead or Alive free spins players will have the opportunity to see and to test this game without having to bet any amounts. Additionally, Dead or Alive bonus feature appears during the game and it provides players with huge opportunity to win significant amounts of money.

Dead or Alive truly is a spectacularly developed game that provides many different features. Developers spent a lot of time with the visuals of this game as it was very important to fit everything into the general theme of the slot. If you are ready to play Dead or Alive and to try your luck, sign up for any of the online casinos featured on the list below, start spinning away and claim huge winnings.