Kings of Chicago

Kings of Chicago is not your typical video slot game that can be found at online gambling sites. This slot game features only 5 paylines as well as 5 reels which is not that common when it comes to the slot games. Because of that, the experience that players have while playing this game is unique and entertaining which cannot be said for every other slot in the market. This slot game has been developed by NetEnt which is one of the most popular software developers for online casino sites.

This slot game is also unique in another aspect. The King of Chicago slot combines the elements of video slot games with the elements of poker games which makes this game even more interesting. Because of that, this slot game has had a huge number of players ever since it was released and to this day.

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Kings of Chicago Slot Gameplay and Features: Explore Private Gambling Clubs in Old Chicago

Even though this slot game has introduced several new aspects to the slot games, players are still required to adjust the size of their bet before they can start the game. In order to determine the value of their wagers, players will have to use the ‘Level’ option that is featured in the game. Besides that, in order to regulate the coin size that they will be wagering, players will have to use the ‘Coin Value’ option. In this game, the value of those coins ranges from 0.01 to 1. After players have done all of this, they will have the access to the game and they will be able to spin the reels.

The game will start once a player clicks on the ‘Spin/Deal’ button. This slot game also provides players with the option of using the ‘Autoplay’ feature that spins the reels automatically and without any interruption for certain period of time. Before activating this feature, players will be asked to select the number of spins that this feature will be spinning without any interruption. Additionally, this slot game also features the ‘Max Bet’ option that is available for players who want to wage the maximum allowed amount of coins.

This slot game also features the Scatter symbols. However, unlike in many other slot games, the Scatter symbols in this game can be any card as well as the Joker card that is used as a replacement for any other card in the game. In the case when three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, the Free Deals feature will be activated. During this feature, any payline win is awarded with x2 multiplier. If it happens that three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels during the Free Deals round, players will be rewarded with additional Free Deals.

Besides that, there are many combinations that can lead a player towards a big win. In this game, those winning combinations are marked with the terminology from a poker game. In that regard, the winning combinations or rather the winning poker hands in this game include Five of Kind, Straight Flush, Natural Royal Flush, Full House, Straight and Three of a Kind, as well as the Flush. It is also important to mention that while playing this slot game, players will also have the opportunity to win the jackpot in the amount of 10,000 coins. In order to win this jackpot, players will have to get a winning combination of the Natural Royal Flush.

Kings of Chicago Audio and Video: Allow yourself to be Immersed in the Atmosphere

The Kings of Chicago is a very interesting slot game developed by the NetEnt that combines two most popular online casino games, online slots and poker. Because of that, the entire visual identity of this video slot has been developed as a part of poker game. All the symbols in the games are poker cards and the animation used in the game represents different elements of poker game. Besides that, throughout the game, players will be encountering different images of characters that pain the picture of Chicago from past when this city was known for its poker players.

The other very interesting aspects of this slot game are the sound effects. Unlike in almost all other slot games in the market, this slot game does not feature a musical background. Instead, all that players are hearing throughout the game are the voices of people who are playing different casino games. Because of that, players have the feeling of being in an actually land-based casino and at a real poker table.

Conclusion: Experience Slot Games like Never Before

With many different and unique solutions, the Kings of Chicago slot has set a precedent in the online gambling industry. It successful combined two of the most popular casino games in the entire world and managed to get a game that provides players with great chances of winning big as well as with great entertainment. It might take some time before players get a hold of the game, but once they manage to do that, they will see that the Kings of Chicago are one of the most interesting slot games in the market.

Besides that, the lack of music in the background and the voices of people from old Chicago have managed to create the atmosphere of being in an exclusive club where poker is the main attraction and where players win big money while playing this game. Because of that, this slot game is a great throwback to past times and amazing opportunity for players to have the unique experience of playing the King of Chicago slot.