Silent Run

In the world of the online gambling industry, NetEnt software provider is known to be one of the best developers of slot games as well as many other online casino games. Because of that, players had a lot of expectations when NetEnt released their Silent Run slot. Looking at it from this perspective, it can be said that NetEnt and their Silent Run video slot have delivered more than the players were hoping for.

This slot features 25 paylines and 5 reels which enables players to have a huge number of combinations that they can use in order to win big sums of money. The general theme of this slot are the submarines and everything else that goes together with this theme. Because of that, all those who played with submarines and ships in their childhood will feel nostalgic while playing this slot game.

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Silent Run Slot Gameplay and Features: Go on a Search for Hidden Torpedoes

Before players actually get the opportunity to embark on a mission of finding the hidden torpedoes, they will have to determine the size of their bets. In order to do that, they will have to use the ‘Level’ option that will help them to choose the level of the bet that they will be using in the game. After that, players will be required to use the ‘Coin Value’ option in order to determine the size of the coins that they will be wagering throughout the game. Regarding this, it needs to be mentioned that the coin size in this game ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. That is all that players are required to do and once they have finished all that, they will have the opportunity to start the game by using the ‘Spin’ option. For those players who like to spend more money on their bets, this slot game has provided the ‘Max Bet’ option that will provide them with the chance of betting the maximum amount allowed in this game. It is also important to mention that this game also features the ‘Autoplay’ option that provides players with the opportunity to spin the reels automatically and without any interruption for a previously determined period of time or spins.

Regarding this game, we also need to mention that this game also features the Wild symbol. In this case, the Wild symbol is the image of Bulb. Besides the Wild symbol, this slot game also features the Echo Bonus symbols which are represented by the image of Green Radar. Once it appears on the reels, it will activate the bonus game while the Echo Wild symbol, which is also a possibility in this game, or the Orange Radar will activating the special feature of the game that will be looking for hidden wild symbols in the game. When the Echo Bonus symbols appear on the reel 3, it will activate the Bonus game. These symbols will be sending out three sonar signals that will be looking for the hidden torpedoes on the reels. In this case, there will be between 2 and 5 torpedoes that will be hidden on the reels. It is also important to say that the number of torpedoes found will be the actual number of torpedoes that will be available in the Bonus game.

Once the Bonus game gets activated, players will get the opportunity to choose an enemy ship and fire the same number of torpedoes that they discovered previously. By shooting the enemy ship, players will be revealing different prizes. If a player manages to hit the Premium ship, his or her winnings will be much bigger. Each ship in this bonus game has a different size of the winnings. This bonus game also features the multipliers which, in this case, are x1, x2, x3, x5, as well as x10. This bonus game will finish once the players have fired all the torpedoes that were available in this game. The maximum amount of coins that players can win in this bonus game is the 250,000 coins. It is also important to mention that in the case when 5 symbols of submarine appear on the reels, or rather, on the enabled pay lines, players will be rewarded with a jackpot in the amount of 1,000 coins.

Silent Run Audio and Video: Go into the Oceans’ Depths

Just like it was expected, NetEnt has managed to perform amazingly well when it comes to the quality of elements that were used for the development of this slot. The Silent Run slot features some of the best graphics that we have seen in NetEnt slot games. Besides that, all the images used in this game fit perfectly in the general theme of this slot which is another positive aspect of this slot game.

The second technical aspect of this slot that deserves a lot of attention are the sound effects that were used in this slot. Throughout the entire game, players are listening to a musical background that creates the atmosphere of being underwater and in some submarine sailing in the oceans’ depths. Because of that, this slot game has gained a lot of popularity among players who like to have visuals and sound effects in a slot game that they are playing.

Conclusion: Find Those Torpedoes and Win Big

Silent Run is one of the slots that has gained a huge number of players in a very short period of time due to different reasons. The fact that NetEnt has developed this slot had a lot of influence on that aspect. However, the fact that the Silent Run slot game provides players with great features and amazing bonus games has been a huge part of the fact that a huge number of players are playing this slot game on a daily basis.

Besides that, the fact that the graphics and the sound effects used in this slot game are some of the best that we have seen recently also contributed to the huge popularity of this slot game among players from all over the world. Besides providing players with great chances of winning big, this slot game has also been a huge entertainment for many of those players.