Live Dealer Games

Live casino games offer you the most realistic online gaming experience.

The introduction of live dealer casino games has definitely changed the entire industry as today you do not need to pay a visit to your local land-based casino in order to get the best possible casino experience. Playing the best live casino games, you get to experience true land-based casino vibes at your home thanks to cutting-edge technology and other technological advancements that paved the way for live dealer games and their incorporation into online casino venues. Live casino games feature real, a human dealer who are interacting with tables and cards in a real-time via video streaming technology. The introduction of these exciting games definitely has helped the entire industry of online gambling to become even more exciting as well as more social as today, you get to interact with your real dealers without actually leaving your home.

Live casino game incorporate the latest, cutting-edge technology providing you the best possible experience.

Live casino games also bridge that massive gap between the excitement of land-based casinos and between those perks you get to enjoy when engaging in online gambling activities such as lucrative bonuses and promotions and outstanding gaming libraries with hundreds of available games. With these amazing benefits, there is no wonder why more and more players decide to take their online gambling experience to a whole another level playing live dealer games both from their desktop computers and their portable devices such as tablets and cell phones. If you are one of those players who like to take the fun with them when on the go, the best part about live dealer games is that there are fully functional for mobile gaming, so you can access the best live casino games on your cell phone or tablet at any time whenever you want.

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Live Casino Games Technology: Bring Land-Based Casino Vibes to Your Home

When playing live casino games, you get to interact with your real dealer in real time.

As already mentioned, live casino games are introduced thanks to those technology advancements such as high-quality video streaming technology that allows players to play their games with real dealers in real time without any hassle involved. A lot of effort and dedication was put into creating these games that come with top-notch quality, greatest safety when playing, huge payouts, amazing mobile compatibility and much more guaranteeing you’re a truly memorable online gaming experience as if you are actually there playing at some land-based casino. Live casino games are also commonly attached to generous bonuses and promotions, so you may get free Live Roulette Chips, you may enjoy Blackjack tournaments and much more commonly available at those prominent Live Dealer Casinos that offer stunning live casino platforms backed by those most prominent names in the industry such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech,Amaya, and other.

Live casino games are built on cutting-edge video streaming technology that allows real dealers to interact with players in a real time. Live casino games besides incorporating real, human dealers also come with actual land-based casino equipment used for determining the outcomes of every roll of the dice or off every spin of the wheel. This live casino game technology differs from those standard online casino games that use RNGs or random number generators in order to create outcomes of every bet placed. Some live casinos use actual brick and mortar casinos’ setups and establishments for offering that greater land-based casino vibe to their players while other live dealer casinos set up their own, private studios with all proper land-based casino equipment and they run their games from there. No matter which setup they use, live casinos offer those true land-based casino vibes to every player who decides to play live casino games either via their desktop computers of via their tablets or cell phones as this online experience you get is the closest to that land-based experience and the best part is, you do not have to pay a visit to an actual, physical casino venue.

Why Choose Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games have definitely taken the entire online gambling industry by storm thanks to cutting-edge technology incorporated and thanks to amazing experiences offered when playing the bets live casino games. Live dealer games offer innovative elements and modern features that those regular online casino games cannot offer. They also give players amazing opportunities to fell as they are actually there playing their favorite games at some land-based casinos and they are playing from the coziness of their home or while taking a walk through their local park. With live casino games, the opportunities are limitless with wagers starting from just $1, with amazing bonuses and promotions directly attached to live casino games with greater security when playing and with that higher social interaction level which is definitely lacking when playing standard online casino games.

Besides Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat, you can play many other live dealer games such as Casino Hold’em, Sic Bo and other.

Several years back, only live casino games available were Live Roulette and Live Blackjack, but today at those live dealer games sections you will find more games thanks to those technology advancements. Today, at these sections there is plenty of Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack tables waiting for you. Besides these live casino games, you will also find Live Casino Hold’em, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Three-Card Poker, Live Sic Bo and Live Dream Catcher to name a few. With live casino games, you get to discover that the most realistic land-based casino experience without paying a visit to some brick and mortar casino and this experience you get is what live casino games are all about. Many players enjoy that fact that live casino games utilize real gambling devices used in land-based casinos for determining outcomes rather than using RNGs as those standards online casinos games. Despite the fact, RNGs also provide completely fair and random results, players like more this idea if using actual gambling equipment for determining losers and winners.

The Most Realistic Experience You Get Outside of Land-Based Casino

As already mentioned, playing live casino games offer you that the most realistic land-based casino experience outside of these venues. This experience you may get no matter your location as live casino games are mobile compatible, so you get to play your favorite games in live versions at any time whenever you want regardless of your device. With live casino games, you also get to socialize with other people without actually leaving your home. This greater socializing aspect of live casino games is one of the main advantages. These games offer that social aspect which is lacking when playing standard online casino games in which you play against software. In virtually all live casino games, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, and other you are able to interact with your human dealer, you are able to ask questions and simply chat using chat box. Some live casino venues go beyond this chatting with a real dealer and they offer greatly multiplayer-oriented gaming experience with more chat features which allow you to chat with other players at your table also in real time.

Playing live casino games, you bring those land-based casino vibes to your home.

Live casino games work in a very similar way to those standard casino games. On one hand, there is a player and many of the main gaming functions are handled as those when playing standard casino games. You will see a very similar interface including a table layout, chips and certain button for playing your wagers. Other actions you make are exactly the same as those when playing standard online casino games, so there is no confusion.

There is also an area of your screen covered with your real dealer and with the actual table and actual casino equipment which is the only difference. If you simply cover this area of your screen, you would not be able to find any different as the games’ layout, buttons for actions and other details are the same as when playing regular online casino games. When playing live casino games, you interact with your deal via chat box just as you would do in some land-based casino. Brought to you via top-notch video streaming technology, you watch your real dealer interacting at the actual, physical table with all actions happening brought to you via video stream in real time.

According to your wishes and your betting actions, your real dealer will deal the chips or move the cards. Depending on at which live casino venue you play, your real dealer may be in some actual, brick and mortar casino or it may be on some private set at the venue’s private studio. No matter which venue you chose, you definitely get to enjoy that ultimate online gambling experience with real land-based casino vibes all over making you feel as you are actually there playing at some land-based casino. As already mentioned, you can play your favorite live casino games while taking a walk, drinking coffee at your local place and virtually from everywhere no matter your local thanks to immersing mobile play live casino games offer. Live dealer games can be enjoyed at any time played on the most popular tablets and smartphones, so you get to take the fun with you whenever you want. The majority of live casino games is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices you access via their native App or via your browser. These mobile compatible live casino games are beautifully crafted for each of these devices specifically. You can also easily switch between your devices. You can start playing on your smartphone and you can easily switch to your desktop computer without no interruption at all.

The Best Live Casino Games Providers

Following the trend, those the most prominent names in the industry offer live casino games. The best live casino games providers such as:

They all put great efforts into offering the best possible online gaming experience to their players introducing many live casino games variants. The most popular live casino games include Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Sic Bo, Live Caribbean Stud Poker and Live Hi-Lo that come with top-notch graphics solutions, impressive design, great gameplay and reasonable betting limits that when combined provide you the most realistic casino experience you can get when playing from the coziness of your home or while on the go. These games come in different variants as well, so you can play Live Immersive Roulette, Live European Roulette, Live Speed Roulette, Live Blackjack VIP, and many other interesting variants. Before you hop on your live casino adventure, get to know these most popular live casino games a little better.

Live Baccarat

One of the most popular live casino games is Live Baccarat. If you walk into any land-based casino Baccarat section, you will see many dramatic moments unraveling as player enjoying playing this game that is both suitable for high-rollers and those players who are on the budget. Live Baccarat commonly comes with different variants of the game for high-rollers and for beginners who may be on the budget. Just like online Baccarat, Live Baccarat is played following the same rules which really make this make a very simple game to follow. Players can learn how to play Live Baccarat in just several minutes, and the game’s simplicity is what makes it so popular among players. The game also comes with quite low house edge which is another great Live Baccarat advantage. Playing Live Baccarat offers players an amazing opportunity to feel that land-based Baccarat gameplay vibes while they are playing from the coziness of their home.

Live Baccarat just as regular online Baccarat version uses the same rules, but here you have actual land-based casino equipment determining the outcome of every hand. Here, you also have a real dealer with whom you can interact during your play. The Live Baccarat gameplay is completely fair and random. Unlike playing online Baccarat, in Live Baccarat card dealing are not simulated, but your fate lies in the hands of your real deals and upon that actual, physical decks of cards which definitely adds to the overall excitement you get to enjoy. There are different online Baccarat versions such as Mini-Baccarat, Punto Banco, and Chemin de Fer. However, when playing Live Baccarat you will most certainly play Punto Banco. There are different versions of this game available such as Classic Baccarat, Progressive Live Baccarat, Live Baccarat Banque and several other.

Live Blackjack

One of the most popular casino games is definitely Blackjack, so there is no any surprise in the fact that Live Blackjack as well as standard, online Blackjack games enjoy a massive popularity among online casino players. This game is one of the most popularly mainly due to the fact it is very simple to play with very simple rules to follow those players who have never played Blackjack before can learn in just several minutes. Playing Live Blackjack follows the same rules as of when playing standards online Blackjack. This is a game involving a deep strategy in addition to a very simple set of rules which makes both Live Blackjack and regular online Blackjack greatly approachable to massive player bases no matter their knowledge of the game. Those casual gamblers can easily jump into the game and play their betting system reasonable while those more experienced casino players can hop on their high-rolling journey with Live Blackjack from the coziness of their home.

Online casino venues have done an amazing job with Live Blackjack, offering exciting Live Blackjack variants to all player powered by those most prominent names in the industry such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and other. Live Blackjack definitely recreated that true excitement you get when playing Blackjack at land-based casinos. Thanks to the latest video streaming technology, you get to play Blackjack from the coziness of your home and feel as you are actually at some brick and mortar venue. There are many Live Blackjack variants available at all prominent live casinos. The most popular include Ultimate Live Blackjack, Blackjack VIP, Live Common Draw Blackjack, and other exciting variants that all use very similar rules and similar betting strategies you can take advantage of.

Live Roulette

Besides offering Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack, the majority of live casinos offer Live Roulette which is one of those the most popular casino games attracting a massive number of players since its development. When you are playing Live Roulette, you wager on an actual, physical roulette wheel spinning with a silver ball which is run by our human dealer. This way, with Live Roulette you get to experience that true land-based Roulette excitement without leaving the coziness of your home. Live Roulette brings that excitement both to your desktop computer and to your tablet and smartphone as Live Roulette is one of those live dealer games you can enjoy playing via your Android, Windows or iOS device at any time you want while on the go.

When playing Live Roulette, you place your bets on your computer, but the result you get comes from an actual roulette spinning wheel you see on your screen. All of the actions which are handled by the human croupier in land-based casinos in Live Roulette are handled by your real dealer, so you definitely feel as you are there at the physical roulette table at which you get to chat and interact with your dealer. Live Roulette follows the same rules as the standard online version of the game, so if you play online roulette you will have no issues playing Live Roulette. As with other live dealer casino games, Live Roulette also comes with several different versions such as Live immersive Roulette, Live European Roulette, Live American Roulette, and several other equally exciting Live Roulette Variants.

Live Casino Hold’em

Another highly popular live dealer game is Live Casino Hold’em which is definitely on the rise with more and more online casino venues incorporating Live Casino Hold’em into their live dealer games portfolios. Thanks to the massive World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker and Texas Hold’em, poker is definitely enjoying its awesome rating as one of the most popular games. Best way to profit from playing poker is definitely to hop on Live Casino Hold’em track. This very popular poker variant is designed to be played as other casino games while it keeps that essential structure of Hold’em poker variants intact. The game definitely has changed that battle between dealer and player as you have an opportunity to fold or make more bets on each street. Due to very simple Live Casino Hold’em rules, simple basic strategies and great excitement it brings, Live Casino Hold’em is rapidly gaining in popularity, so today you can find it at every prominent online casino venue in their live dealer games sections.

Live Sic Bo

Another live dealer game which is gaining in popularity on a regular basis is Live Sic Bo. This classic Asian game is enjoying a massive popularity among all players, so it is available in Live Sic Bo variant at the majority of online casino venues offering live dealer games section. When playing Live Sic Bo, you gamble against a human dealer using actual, real-life dice, so there is no random number generator included. With Live Sic Bo, you place your bets using action buttons on your screen and you get to watch all of the actions happening on your screen in real time. With Live Sic Bo as with other live casino games, you also get to chat and interact with your real dealer. You can instantly get answers to all your concerns and questions. The most popular Live Sic Bo game comes from Playtech available at the majority of online casinos venues offering Live Sic Bo.

Live Hi-Lo

Another very simple game that enjoy a massive popularity among online casino players is Live Hi-Lo. This is a very simple game with a very simple set of rules which are easily learnable. The appeal of Live Hi-Lo is obvious. It is its simplicity of gameplay. Live Hi-Lo usually requires players to make predictions on what the following card on the top of a card deck may be. The certain specific of Live Hi-Lo may vary from one online casino venue to another, but those basic rules are always the same requiring just a bit of luck and no skill to play which makes Live Hi-Lo so much appealing to not only beginner players, but to veteran players as well. The core mechanic of the game of saying just lower and higher before each round is also present in Live Hi-Lo. There are many Live Hi-Lo games available around, but the most popular comes from the industry’s pioneer Playtech. You will find this Playtech’s Live Hi-Lo game at the majority of online casino venues offering live dealer games.

Live Dream Catcher

The next huge thing in the live dealer games industry is definitely the introduction of Live Dream Catcher which is one of the simplest games around offering a truly memorable online gaming experience from the very first second of playing. The game is based on the popular land-based casinos game Money Wheel. Live Dream Catcher, as well as Money Wheel, is a truly simple game, extremely appealing and catchy offering a massive winning potential which makes it an obvious choice for players who like simple, yet truly engaging and rewarding games. When playing Live Dream Catcher, you see a massive spinning wheel. Besides this massive spinning wheel, there is a board with some additional features as well such as close-ups, HD visuals and clearer audio and of course, professional hosts that lead the game. This Money Wheel live dealer games offers you an amazing opportunity to win amazing multipliers and generous prizes as you play with the ultimate breeze.

Start your Live Dealer Games Adventure Right Away

Live casino games are definitely the most exciting type of online casino gambling shaping the entire industry thanks to those technology advancements allowing high-quality video streaming technologies, amazing quality of live casino games, stunning live casino games portfolios and much more all brought to your doorstep providing you the most realistic casino experience you get without actually paying a visit to your local brick and mortar casino. The right time for playing live casino games is now especially if you have been longing for some ways to make your online gambling experience more realistic, live casino games are your way to go.

Live casino games are the best way for spicing your online gaming experience a bit. Live casinos games are also the best way for taking a break from those standard online casino games using random number generator you play against software. If you miss that social aspect of gaming, live casino games have it all offering as there is nothing similar to actually interacting with another people when playing as if you are at some land-based casino surrounded by people. If you are thinking about starting your live casino games journey, make sure you check our guide on the best live casinos, so you never make a mistake of signing at some unreliable, untrustworthy venue. Once you have chosen your live dealer venue, you are ready to go, to experience those land-based vibes at your home playing your favorite games.