Online Cajun Stud

Cajun Stud is a popular poker version played all over the globe by millions of people.


When talking about the most popular casino games in the entire world, rarely any person will identify any other game than poker. With millions of players from all over the world, poker has been the king of casino games for a long time. Throughout the years, many different variations of poker have been developed in different parts of the world. One of the most popular of those variations is the Cajun Stud that is played in land-based casinos as well as at all online casinos.

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In many aspects, Cajun Stud resembles some other variants of the poker game and because of that, it is easy for many players to confuse this game with some other variants of poker. It seems that Cajun Stud bears the most resemblance to the poker variant called Mississippi Stud with only a couple of differences that made this game a completely separate game. This game seems perfect for those players who are looking for amazing experience and even better opportunities for big wins but in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

About the Game

Over the years, many players have tried to come up with different strategies that they could potentially use in order to increase their success rate while playing this game. Some of those strategies might work to a certain degree, but players need to keep in mind that luck still plays the biggest and the most important role in the game of Cajun Stud. Most of those strategies actually revolve around instructions on when to make large raise and when to fold. In that regard, the majority of players agree that the best possible time for making large raise is when a player has any pair. Besides that, they also agree that the best time for the medium bet is when players have at least one high card (Jack or Ace), two medium cards (6 to 10) or 5/6 suited. Additionally, it is also important to emphasize that knowing when to fold is one of the crucial aspects of this game.

In Cajun Stud you can play side bets which is not the case with other poker variants.

Because of that, many players have to a conclusion that the best possible time to fold the hand is at the time when players have to small cards or cards between 2 and 5. Besides that, they have also advised other players that having a hand with one small card and a medium card except for the 5-6 suited might also be the best possible time for players to fold their hand. One of the biggest differences between Cajun Stud and other variants of poker games is the fact that this game provides players with the opportunity to place side bets that are not available in other variants. The side bets are actually what differentiates this game from all other poker games. In the following part, a more detailed insight into the rules of Cajun Stud game will be presented.

Rules of the Game

Cajun Stud features very simple rules you can easily learn.

The game of Cajun Stud is played with any number of standard card decks that contains 52 playing cards. Before the game starts, players will have to place their Ante bet and it is considered to be primary initial bet. Besides that, during different stages of the game, players will have the opportunity to place side bets that include Board Bonus, Pocket Bonus, as well as the Lo Ball. After that, players will be dealt two cards while three other community cards will be dealt face down on the table.

Once the player takes a look at his or her two cards, he or she will be able to raise their Ante bet for 1x, 2x, or 3x times. Besides that, they will also have the option of folding at that moment. After that, the dealer will reveal the first community card and with that, players will be given another opportunity for raising their Ante bet for between 1x and 3x or to fold completely. After that, the dealer reveals another community card and players are once again in the opportunity to raise their Ante bet or to fold from the game. After that, the dealer reveals the last community card.

Once all community cards have been revealed, all Ante and Raise bets shall be paid accordingly. In this game, the Board Bonus is paid on the basis of the three community cards, the Pocket Bonus is paid on the basis of the players’ two community cards while the Lo Ball will be paid on the basis of the players’ final five card hand with the exception of a low scoring hand. In the game the Ante and Raise Bets are paid in the following manner:

  • Royal Flush pays 500
  • Straight Flush pays 100
  • Four of a Kind pays 40
  • Full House pays 10
  • Flush pays 6
  • Straight pays 4
  • Three of a Kind pays 3
  • Two Pairs pays 2
  • Pair Jacks to Aces pays 1
  • Pair 6s to 10s is a push

With these kinds of payouts, players are able to significantly improve their chances of winning big amounts. It is also important to mention that side bets available in this game have different payouts with Lo Ball having the biggest payout as follows:

  • 7 high pays 100
  • 8 high pays 50
  • 9 high pays 15
  • 10 high pays 5
  • J high pays 1
  • All other is a loss

It is also important that when it comes to the Cajun Stud, the house edge depends on the side bet as well as on the casino that provides the game. In those cases, the house edge for the primary game is between 1.37 and 5.4 percent. When it comes to side bets, the house edge for Lo Ball is between 7.18 and 8.71 percent, for Pocket Bonus the house edge is between 4.52 and 9.95 percent while for the Board Bonus, the house edge is between 2.14 and 7.10 percent. Despite these house edges that might seem too big in comparison to some other games, the Cajun Stud poker is a very interesting game with a plethora of opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The Cajun Stud poker game is one of the most interesting variants of poker. It provides players with a lot of entertainment and even more opportunities for big winnings. With the primary game bets as well as three different types of side bets, players will have the opportunity to win huge sums of money. Besides that, the rules of the game are very simple which makes this game playable for all players no matter whether they are beginners or already experienced players. Because of that, many predict a very bright future for this poker.