Online Casino Hold’em

Unlike Texas Hold’em Poker, Casino Hold’em is played against the house.

If you like Texas Hold’em Poker, you will most likely love to play Casino Hold’em as the games are very similar to each other in term of gameplay. The player is given two cards that are used with the three community cards in order to make the best five-card poker hand. If you are familiar with Texas Hold’em rules, learning rules of Casino Hold’em won’t be challenging. There is one difference between the games. Texas Hold’em is played against other people, while Casino Hold’em is played against the house.

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This can be an awesome thing. Poker players playing Texas Holdem often take too much time when it comes to doing math and counting cards before they make their decision. However, in Casino Hold’em you are playing against the house, so things go at much faster pace. One of the greatest benefits of the game is that you are playing against the house and you have fewer decisions to make during the game. Therefore, if you are a poker fan looking for a table game that is fast and simple, you should try your luck at Online Casino Hold’em table.

Brought by Stephen Au-Yeung

Casino Hold’em has become one of the most popular casino games introduced back in 2000 by Stephen Au-Yeung. Back at that time, the game was first Texas Hold’em Poker game played against the casino rather than playing against other players at the table. Since its introduction, the game has rapidly grown in terms of popularity, so these days you can find it any online casino venue in classic, Live Casino Hold’em and Mobile Casino Hold’em format.

Due to massive popularity of the game, many online casino venues offer both Online and Live Casino Hold’em.

The game is more than fun and exciting offering an opportunity to walk away with a massive amount of cash in your pockets, so there is no wonder why more and more people decide to transfer from playing Texas Hold’em to playing Casino Hold’em as the game has it all.

Since its introduction, the game found its spot at the majority of online casino venues in Morocco, Egypt, Holland, Latvia, Russia, South Africa, Ireland, Estonia, Panama, Romania, and Ukraine. The leading software developers in the industry like Real Time Gaming, Net Entertainment Gaming, Galewind Software, Playtech and Gamesys power online casino venues offering the game. If you are familiar with Texas Hold’em Poker, learning Casino Hold’em rules are quite easy, so in no time you will be seated at the table playing your game against the casino.

Casino Hold’em Rules: Let’s Place the Ante Bet

Casino Hold’em is a popular house game introduced to be dealt by the dealer. Players play against the house and there is a straight contest between the player’s and the dealer’s hand. Casino Hold’em rules are similar to Texas Hold’em poker rules as the player is dealt two cards at the beginning of the game. The game starts when the player makes his ante bet which is mandatory. Next, the dealer gives both him and you two hole cards facing down. Further, the dealer deals three community cards facing up placed in the middle of the table. At this point in the game, you have two choices including fold or raise.

Your decision is depending on the strength of your hand. In the case when you feel that your hand is not strong enough you will fold and give up your ante bet and your hand. In this case, the dealer automatically wins. In the case when you choose to raise, you have to give an additional bet, which needs to be two times your ante bet. After you decide to raise, the dealer will deal a river community cards and turn. At this point, there will be a total of five community cards on the table. Further, the dealer will flip over his hand and then hand comparison takes place. How you play can be summarized as following:

Online Casino Hold’em rules are very similar to Texas Hold’em poker.

  • You start the game by placing your ante bet that is mandatory
  • The dealer deals both you and himself two hole cards facing down
  • The dealer deals three community cards facing up placed on the table
  • You can fold or raise depending on the strength of your hand
  • If you decide to raise, the dealer deals a river community card and turn
  • The dealer flips over his hand and your and his hands are compared

Here Comes Hand Comparison

In order to qualify, the dealer must have at least a pair of fours. In the case when the dealer’s hand isn’t a qualifying hand, he has to pay the ante bet in accordance with the payout table. At this point, you bet will push. On the other hand, if the dealer has a qualifying hand, your and his hands are compared. Whoever has that strongest hand according to standard poker rules, wins.

  • When the dealer has a stronger hand than your, you lose both raise and ante bet.
  • When the dealer has a weaker hand, you are paid 1 to 1 on the raise bet and according to the payout table on the ante bet

Casino Hold’em Payout Table

Casino Hold’em payout table can vary from one online casino venue to another, but the most common payout you can find is as following:

  • Royal Flush: table 1-20, table 2-25, table 3-100, table 4-100
  • Straight Flush: table 1-20, table 2-25, Table 3-20, table 4-49
  • Four of a Kind: table 1-10, table 2-12, table 3-10, table 4-17
  • Full House: table 1-3, table 2-3, table 3-3, table 4-3
  • Flush: table 1-2, table 2-2. Table 3-2, table 4-2
  • All Other: table 1-1, table 2-1, table 3-1, table 4-1

All values expressed above are on a to 1 basis. If you and the dealer have the same hand, you tie and the bet is a push. At this point, you receive both your raise and ante bet back.

Casino Hold’em Side Bets

There are no many side bets when compared to other casino games. The most common option is Zero House Edge, which has a house edge of 0.35%. The player has to pay a 10% commission on net wins per session. A single session is a period of one hour with no bet or a period of twenty-four hours whichever occurs first. The common side bet is named AA+. It pays based on the strength of the player’s hand after the flop. House edge on table one is 6.40%, on table two 6.26% and on table three 2.97%. There is also the progressive side bet which amounts $1 which pays all or just a portion of the progressive jackpot depending on the player’s hand. Following are the payouts on the progressive side bet.

  • Royal Flush: 100%
  • Straight Flush: 10%
  • Four of a Kind: $500
  • Full House: $100
  • Flush: $75

Casino Hold’em Progressive Jackpot

Casino Hold’em is a greatly rewarding game especially if you hit the jackpot with Jumbo Jackpot.

The Progressive Jackpot bet is paid depending on the player’s five community cards and two hole cards only. It doesn’t matter whether the player loses or folds to the dealer. In the case when the player has a royal flush or straight flush, all player who previously made the Progressive Jackpot bet will split the win. The return from the royal flush and straight flush depend on the jackpot size, while the return on other hands is as following:

  • Four of a Kind: 0.168100
  • Full House: 0.259610
  • Other: 0.000000

There is another awesome progressive jackpot named the Jumbo Jackpot. The return for the two strongest hands depends on the amount of the jackpot. All other wins come with a return of 53.16% of the amount of money on a bet. The meter of the return increases for every 100,000 bet units by 2.39%. Therefore, the return reaches 100% at a jackpot of staggering $1,958,300.75.

Casino Hold’em Strategies: Raise 82% of the Time

There is no any optimal Casino Hold’em strategy you can follow in order to reduce the casino edge and beat the game. However, you can follow the most suitable Casino Hold’em strategy if you raise 82% of the time. You should fold your hand when you have the worst combination which is around 18% of hands you will be dealt. If you have two cards that aren’t strong even in the case when you pair them, or if you don’t have a straight or flush, you should fold your hand. This Casino Hold’em strategy results in a 2.16% casino edge. Therefore, only in those worst 18% dealt hands, you should fold and in other 82% dealt hands you should raise. Before you start playing the game memorize these tips following:

  • Always call when you have a pair or better
  • Always call when you have a king, ace or higher
  • Call when you have jack or queen unless on the table there are cards of the same suit which doesn’t match your jack or queen
  • Always call when you have a flush or straight draw
  • Always call when you have two over cards
  • Fold in the case when the board is paired and when you don’t have cards which match the suit and when you don’t have cards bigger than 10 unless in your hand you have a flush or straight draw

Conclusion: Combination of the Fast-Paced Speed of Standard Poker Resulting in the Ultimate Online Casino Experience

Due to trademark and licensing rights, Casino Hold’em isn’t available at every online casino venue. However, you play the game at those fully regulated and licensed online venues powered by Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and Microgaming. At these venues, you can play both Live Casinos Hold’em with real dealers and Mobile Casino Hold’em. You can take the game with you whenever you like. The game is one of the simplest casino games you can play as you have only two decisions to make, fold or raise. There are far fewer rules in comparison to the traditional poker. In addition, you don’t have to deal with other players since you are playing against the house.

Casino Hold’em guarantees you an amazing online gambling experience no matter which format of the game you choose.

In order to win the game, memorize simple Casino Hold’em rules and easy to learn Casino Hold’em strategy and embark on this adventure. Following rules and tips here, you will be just fine. You can take it from here, and finally enjoy the fast-paced and simple game. Following the optimal Casino Hold’em strategy you will reduce the casino edge and increase your chances of walking home with a nice amount in your pockets. Make sure you play the game at licensed and regulated casinos in order to get the most of it. Before you make this important decision and choose your online venue, make sure you check our list of recommended online casinos offering the excitement of Casino Hold’em. Choosing the right venue is just as important as choosing the right strategy, so don’t make a mistake and play Casino Hold’em at some unregulated online casino venue. We present you online casino venue offering both Live Casino Hold’em and Mobile Casino Hold’em. These venues also offer amazing Casino Hold’em bonuses, so you have a better chance of walking home with money in your pockets.